Fairhaven Library will get repaired

By John ServaisOn Mar 19, 2008

The Fairhaven library won yesterday at the Bellingham Library Board meeting. After years of ignoring the building, the board voted to ask the city council to fund needed repairs. City [...]

Dan Pike’s full interview with Whatcom Indy

By John ServaisOn Mar 13, 2008

Mayor Dan Pike sat down recently with Sheri Ward, the editor of our local Whatcom Independent weekly newspaper. She had a list of very topical questions regarding his first three [...]

First thoughts on library bond issue end

By John ServaisOn Feb 26, 2008

Yesterday the city council tabled the library bond issue. In its present form, it is probably permanently gone. The project was a concoction from former mayor Mark and was intended [...]

Central Library - Are We Ready to Decide?

By Ham HayesOn Feb 04, 2008

Almost everyone of us has been significantly touched by the revolution of digitized information and the internet. And if you want to see what’s happening to electronic libraries, go [...]

Library planning versus needs

By John ServaisOn Jan 28, 2008

Tomorrow the Bellingham Library Board of Trustees meets and will probably produce a plan for a new grand downtown library building and a bond issue of between 20 to 60 million dollars [...]


By John ServaisOn Jan 19, 2007

If you have arrived at this website for the first time as a result of the link posted in today’s Bellingham Herald article about branch libraries, then I welcome [...]

I love a good library system

By NWCitizen ManagementOn Oct 14, 2006

Nice little slanted piece in today’s Bellingham Herald by Sam Taylor. He says “Some in the community have clamored for (library) branches…”. Clamor. Apparently we are not requesting or [...]

Branches vs main library

By NWCitizen ManagementOn Sep 20, 2006

For the record, the library administration reacted to the post below by shifting the argument from branches to drive times and looking to give us crumbs from the main library [...]

Meeting in the middle of a business day

By NWCitizen ManagementOn Sep 18, 2006

The Bellingham Library Board of Trustees will meet Tue, Sep 19 at 2:30 pm in the basement meeting room of the downtown library - the room across the hall from the Children’[...]

We need branch libraries - not a new main library

By NWCitizen ManagementOn Sep 17, 2006

This coming Tuesday, our Bellingham Library Board of Trustees may make a decision on where to locate a new, huge, downtown library building. The plan is to ask voters to [...]

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