Public Banks Are the Answer

By Dick ConoboyOn Feb 27, 2017

The Case for Public Banking Public banks are an effective way to use public funds for the good of communities, much like public utilities, instead of for the profit of [...]

Cooperation no substitute for small libraries

By John ServaisOn Aug 07, 2010

Finally, all Whatcom County libraries are putting together a cooperative agreement. Starting later this summer, any local library card holder can check out a book from any local library and [...]

Libraries are still very valuable

By John ServaisOn Jul 16, 2010

The very 'in' Old Spice Man videos are surpassing the Hitler videos for fun viewing. Now comes the New Spice Man touting the value of libraries. Link below. Enjoy. And [...]

Public support saves Fairhaven Library

By John ServaisOn Jun 16, 2010

The Fairhaven Library will stay open. The reason is many people informed library and City officials that they wanted the library to stay open. Over 40 people attended the Board of [...]

How to close a library

By John ServaisOn Jun 14, 2010

OK, lets rephrase this - and let's be clear about how politics works. My headline said the Fairhaven Library will close - and wow, did the city and blogs [...]

Apparently You Can Always Get What You Want

By Guest WriterOn Jun 11, 2010

By guest writer Marilyn Olsen. Contrary to the assertion by the Rolling Stones in 1969, apparently you can always get what you want. If you’re the Bellingham Library Board [...]

Fairhaven Library to be Closed

By John ServaisOn Jun 08, 2010

Bellingham Library Board of Trustees agreed today to close the Fairhaven Library. They are delaying their formal vote until next Tuesday - but made it plain at today's special [...]

Yogi Berra and the Library Board

By Guest WriterOn Feb 08, 2009

Marilyn Olsen has contributed this article. She was president of the Friends of the Fairhaven Library for 2007 and 2008.——When Yogi Berra observed, “It’s like déjà vu all over [...]

New Library ideas

By John ServaisOn Jun 25, 2008

Tired of looking at a photo of geese when you check here? So am I. We have nine writers for this site but it has been rather slack lately. So [...]

Fairhaven Library - lets get it right

By John ServaisOn Mar 26, 2008

On other blogs are some weird misunderstandings being posted - and questions that are going unanswered. Below I try to clarify some issues about the Fairhaven Library. At next Monday’[...]

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