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Will history repeat?

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Anti-War demonstration next Tuesday in New York will probably be big. Bush will be speaking at the UN on that day to further his Iraq war. Demonstrators are being denied permits - and we can expect a big show from both sides. Expect the Feds and NYPD to provoke a violent reaction from at least a few demonstrators which will give them their lame excuse to bash heads of the many. Much like Seattle in '99 - and Chicago in '68.

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Will history repeat?

By John ServaisOn Sep 15, 2006

Anti-War demonstration next Tuesday in New York will probably be big. Bush will be speaking at the UN on that day to further his Iraq war. Demonstrators are being denied [...]

Are we being conditioned to hate Iran?

By John ServaisOn Aug 27, 2006

Yes. Is there truth in what we are being told by our corporate media and the Bush administration? No. Want an example of a lie and some truths that you [...]

Is criticism of Israel also implied criticism of Jews?

By John ServaisOn Aug 22, 2006

Especially American Jews? Does this show a prejudice against Jewish persons? Racism? Anti-Semite feelings?Of course I say no, but then the knowing smiles greet me. It has been suggested [...]

Hezbolah not a terrorism group

By John ServaisOn Aug 19, 2006

Today, Israel broke the UN cease fire agreement with a helicopter raid into northern Lebanon - along with fighter jets bombing the area. Why mention this? Because it fits the [...]

In case you didn’t know

By John ServaisOn Aug 06, 2006

- given US media skewed news - the kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers on July 12 took place inside Lebanon - not Israel. The Israeli army routinely has violated the peace agreement [...]

What is the US doing?

By John ServaisOn Aug 05, 2006

Juan Cole's Informed Comment blog has it in a nutshell today. Check the Aug 5 post in his archive if you click this link after today. Israel is destroying Lebanon and [...]

How the US manipulates world events

By John ServaisOn Jul 26, 2006

Long but good article on how the US manipulates world events so as to go to war with other countries. Iraq and now Iran.Did you know that for years, [...]

Alice in Wonderland

By John ServaisOn Jul 24, 2006

Sec of State Rice visits Lebanon and offers $30 million to help relieve the destruction and death there that is caused by of millions of US dollars in bombs given to [...]

Don’t expect to see this on Fox

By John ServaisOn Jul 23, 2006

Lebanese fleeing the Israelis - as ordered by Israel - are being strafed and bombed by the Israelis. Nice war. An early October surprise. Takes the losing war in Iraq [...]

Israel has never wanted peace

By John ServaisOn Jul 22, 2006

Conservative Pat Buchanan has it right in his column posted Thursday. We should not be supporting Israel in its war of destruction of Lebanon. He rips up the extreme right [...]

Follow the money

By John ServaisOn Jul 21, 2006

The USA try and stop the Mid East war? Don't kid yourself. We are air-shipping more bombs to Israel - bombs that will help destroy the city of Beirut and [...]

Israel has concocted another war

By John ServaisOn Jul 20, 2006

The pogrom to prevent a Palestinian State continues. Terror and murder are the normal weapons. Again the chance to form a nation and live normally is being destroyed by Israel. [...]

The One Percent Doctrine

By John ServaisOn Jun 20, 2006

Alice in Wonderland is the appropriate description of the Bush administration and how it wages incompetent war on terrorism while it wrecks the good country of Iraq and drives our [...]

The people will not be allowed to return

By John ServaisOn Jun 03, 2006

Diego Garcia is small island in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Today it is a major US military base - and has no other inhabitants. But 40 years ago it [...]

OK for torture goes to the top

By John ServaisOn Apr 28, 2006

The Army announced it will court marshal a Colonel Jordan for torture of prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. His immediate boss, a Colonel Pappas will testify against him [...]

A Spy Speaks Out -

By John ServaisOn Apr 24, 2006

the 60 Minutes piece last night with Tyler Drumheller, the CIA chief in Europe during the years we prepared to invade Iraq. He blows the Bush Administration claim that the intelligence [...]

Why We Fight -

By John ServaisOn Apr 23, 2006

a film about our present-day United States. It won at Sundance and for good reason. For those of us who are beginning to wonder if we made a "mistake" going [...]

Bush wanted war -

By John ServaisOn Mar 27, 2006

and fabricated excuses for an invasion. Proof was printed today in the New York Times. In January, 2003, Bush and British PM Blair talked about how they could start the invasion [...]

Accusations against Russia

By John ServaisOn Mar 26, 2006

The Pentagon - that world-renowned planning organization - is complaining that Russia tipped off Saddam to our military moves during the invasion of Iraq three years ago. How did Russia [...]

Borders are artificial lines

By John ServaisOn Mar 19, 2006

Juan Cole has it - how the Mid East could end up if Bush continues with his insane war. See the Mar 19 post for the map showing Iraq partitioned and [...]