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The war is wreaking havoc on all

Armed Service veterans are twice as likely to commit suicide as civilians. Just another intangible cost of the insane war in Iraq. (It applies to all male vets from all our recent wars.) Counting just those actually killed in combat is sooo misleading. The war is wreaking havoc on all those who serve there in the forms of broken bodies for life for over 30,000, mental trauma for life for uncounted tens or possibly hundreds of thousands and who knows what other awful effects on their loved ones - parents, siblings, spouses, children and friends.

Counting just the 3,500 killed and saying the war is not that bad is just so childish - so like teenage logic that justifies most any behavior with some rationale. If you are against this insane war then write Rick Larsen and tell him. Write him every week. Tell him unless he speaks out now and changes his course of support that you will vote for his opponent in 2008. That is all he understands. It is litmus test time. And we can all help stop this.

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The war is wreaking havoc on all

By John ServaisOn Jun 12, 2007

Armed Service veterans are twice as likely to commit suicide as civilians. Just another intangible cost of the insane war in Iraq. (It applies to all male vets from all [...]

Go, go, Gitmo

By John ServaisOn Jun 10, 2007

Close Gitmo - this afternoon, says General Colin Powell.The Guantanamo prison in Cuba the US Military uses for torture, illegal imprisonment and secret trials is a permanent black spot [...]

Stop the Stop-Loss practice

By John ServaisOn Jun 07, 2007

Evan will complete his week-long vigil at the old Federal Building in downtown Bellingham tomorrow afternoon at 4 pm - during the normal weekly peace vigil. During his week there, he [...]

We salute Evan.

By John ServaisOn Jun 02, 2007

Check the website about his vigil. He is demonstrating while wearing his Army uniform - and he has every constitutional right to do so. But I predict the military will [...]

118 of our kids killed in May

By John ServaisOn May 29, 2007

The generals who can't count straight are caught again. The top generals have been loose with the facts in their effort to justify the war but his interview on Memorial [...]

Memorial Day, 2007

By John ServaisOn May 28, 2007

This writer - living in a small town in Washington State - has no ability to add value above national writers who have covered the Iraq war and politics in [...]

Larsen: What is he good for?

By John ServaisOn May 24, 2007

Rick Larsen voted for further war spending today - with no timelines. No surprise. He has been a war supporter all along. Let's start now to find a true Democratic [...]

Crimes Against Peace, War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity

By Tip JohnsonOn Apr 24, 2007

All the fuss over whether the "surge" is a credible strategy, whether or not to schedule a troop withdrawal from Iraq or continue funding the war kinda misses the main [...]

Bloodbath in Iraq

By Tip JohnsonOn Apr 23, 2007

According to the Washington Post, "President Bush warned Thursday that pulling out of Iraq too soon would trigger a bloodbath akin to that of the Cambodian killing fields of the 1970[...]

McCain’s ‘walk through the safe market’

By John ServaisOn Apr 05, 2007

This from Juan Cole - on Tuesday. Lest we forget the trauma we are foisting on the world.21 Shiites from McCain's Market Killed3 US Troops Killed Massive Truck Bomb at [...]

Uneducated and misinformed

By John ServaisOn Mar 29, 2007

Rick Larsen's attitude towards those citizens who are against the war in Iraq is exposed. In the case against Ellen Murphy by US Rep. Rick Larsen and the city of [...]

Checking past predictions

By John ServaisOn Mar 20, 2007

Four years ago today the ground invasion of Iraq started. George Bush used known false claims of danger to the US to justify the war. By early April the US [...]

Ellen Murphy update; by Sharon Crozier

By Guest WriterOn Mar 11, 2007

Sharon Crozier guest writes today Congressman Rick Larsen has (so far) successfully avoided the process server who is waiting to hand him a subpoena to appear in the trial of [...]

Larsen: a cold political operator

By John ServaisOn Mar 04, 2007

Ellen Murphy is now allowed to enter the Federal Building in Bellingham. With the court dismissal of the Oct. 20 trespass charge, the lifetime ban on entering the building was also [...]

Protesters Murphy and Ahmath

By John ServaisOn Feb 23, 2007

Ellen Murphy's court date has been changed. Her jury trial will be on Tuesday, March 20 ( not Feb 27 as posted below last week). It was changed - after being set by [...]

What a bunch of hooey!

By Tip JohnsonOn Feb 14, 2007

The Pentagon, after weeks of delay, finally trotted out the "irrefutable evidence" that Iran is supplying deadly weapons to Iraqi "insurgents". Wow! They produced two tables of weaponry with Iranian [...]

Welcome to Rick Larsen . . .

By John ServaisOn Jan 16, 2007

. . . welcome to the correct side of the Iraq war issue. Rick spoke yesterday at Bellingham city hall and, according to the Bellingham Herald, he switched his stand and now favors [...]

War with Iran

By John ServaisOn Jan 12, 2007

The news analysts are finally realizing that Bush's speech was a declaration of war on Iran. I posted that minutes after the speech and revisited it yesterday. We are dragging [...]

War - war and more war

By John ServaisOn Jan 11, 2007

Juan Cole provides an excellent if longish read on Bush's new plan for the Iraq war. In particular he points out how many of the infiltrators and weapons are coming [...]

Escalation announced tonight

By John ServaisOn Jan 10, 2007

In his speech tonight, Bush gave no specific time lines for expected results. The first words from news commentators referred to six months for results. But Bush can avoid any [...]