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Americans had to really want to see this movie


No showing of Fahrenheit 9/11 in Bellingham this past week. Why not? Because Regal Cinema booked the rights to show it but waited to see if it was well attended. Regal controls all three movie theater complexes in Bellingham. It will now start at the Sehome theater. If the movie had not done well they would not be showing it in Bham. Shame on them.

I recommend you see the movie at the Cascade Cinema in Burlington - only 20 minutes south on I-5. Great seats - better screen and much better sound system. It is a fun experience to go to a movie down there. Much better than any Regal theater in Bellingham.

You can phone for show times. 1-360-707-2900 Here is what it says today. Fahrenheit 9/11 at 11:20 am, 2:10 pm, 5 pm, 7:40 pm and 10:20 pm. Take exit 229 off I-5. Exit 230 also works as it is between them.

The Pickford Cinema in Bellingham will be showing the movie this fall when it is done in the first-run theaters. The Pickford, while being small, is also a fun place to see a movie.

What is amazing is the movie racked up $27 million in revenue in less than a week even though only 868 theaters showed it in the US, instead of the 3,020 that are showing the dumb Dodgeball. Americans had to really want to see this movie. They are giving it standing ovations at the end of the movie. The news media are doing their best to rank it - to no avail. It is averaging $27,568 per theater - check for yourself. The website Box Office Mojo follows movie revenues. This is more per theater than Shrek 2 or Return of the King. The media are under-reporting this cultural phenomenon.

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Americans had to really want to see this movie

By John ServaisOn Jun 30, 2004

No showing of Fahrenheit 9/11 in Bellingham this past week. Why not? Because Regal Cinema booked the rights to show it but waited to see if it was well attended. Regal [...]

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