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Candidate statement: Jace Cotton for Bellingham Council

At Large position on the Bellngham City Council

At Large position on the Bellngham City Council

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I hear stories every day of neighbors hurting in a local economy growing more unaffordable. Low-wage workers and retirees whose rent won't stop climbing. Young parents who need second jobs to afford childcare, groceries, and housing. As a former public K-12 paraeducator and pandemic grocery worker, I know many of these challenges personally. I love Bellingham and believe our community can tackle these problems. 

As a community organizer and professional campaign director, I know how to bring people together to accomplish shared goals. I’ve helped flip critical seats from red to blue in Whatcom County and passed local initiatives like the Healthy Children’s Fund. Running a winning campaign requires strong principles, hard work, building coalitions, and deep community engagement. I’ll bring those skills to City Council.  ref test

City Council should be the most responsive branch of government, but our Council is often too slow to act. As Bellingham grows, we face growing problems. We need leaders committed to doing the legwork to tackle climate, affordability, and public safety.

When elected, I will also be the first openly gay elected official in Bellingham’s history, as well as the only renter on the city council. I am committed to Bellingham being a place where everyone belongs and where everyone, especially working families and retirees, can afford to live.

I am honored to be endorsed by Senator Sharon Shewmake, Representatives Alex Ramel, Debra Lekanoff, and Beth Doglio, County Council Members, Barry Buchanan, Todd Donovan, and Carol Frazey, Bellingham City Council Member Kristina Michele Martens, all three PUD Commissioners Atul Deshmane, Jaime Arnett, and Christine Grant, former Bellingham Mayor Tim Douglas, and former Port Commissioner Mike McAuley.

I am also endorsed by the Whatcom County Democrats, the Lummi Indian Business Council, International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers, United Auto Workers, Western Academic Workers United, Communication Workers of America , Professional and Technical Employees Local 17, the Carpenters Union, United Food and Commercial Workers, The Washington Bus, Washington Bikes, Planned Parenthood Advocates, WWU Young Democrats, the 42nd LD Democrats, Washington Housing Alliance Action Fund, LGBTQ+ Victory Fund, Humane Voters of Washington, and the Bellingham Tenants Union.

I humbly ask for your vote by November 7th. 

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Citizen Journalist • Member since Oct 19, 2023

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Candidate statement: Jace Cotton for Bellingham Council

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At Large position on the Bellngham City Council

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