Racism and Western’s Late College of Ethnic Studies

By Kamalla Rose KaurOn Jan 18, 2010

Opinions differ on whether C. Jerry Flora was a good president for Western Washington University (1967-1975). Many Western students felt Jerry shouldn't have pulled the plug on the strobe [...]

Rolling Rolling In Their Graves - What happened to WWU?

By Kamalla Rose KaurOn Jul 01, 2009

Interim Editor's Note: Hi. John Servais, the esteemed publisher, will be back from vacation soon and I had very little to do while appointed interim editor of Northwest Citizen [...]

The Fall of the West(ern): Perry Mills gets a new roll in the barrel

By Guest WriterOn May 27, 2009

Guest writer Paud de Armond has followed this issue closely.———-Tuesday, May 26, Division One of the Washington Appeals Court handed down a ruling in the case of Perry Mills v. [...]

Police favoring city hall friends

By John ServaisOn Mar 08, 2008

This week’s issue of the Whatcom Independent has a front page story on the Bellingham Police targeting WWU students who park their cars overnight - or technically 24 hours - [...]

Judge finds WWU acted illegally

By John ServaisOn Dec 12, 2007

Western Washington University administrators - starting with President Karen Morse - have been abusing their power for years. Below is an example. This article first appeared in slightly different form [...]

Democrats erring; remembering Paul Roley

By John ServaisOn Jan 13, 2007

OK, my Democratic Party friends. Deal with this - like Barney Frank would not. He shouted down a Senator who dared to reveal this on the Senate floor. The hypocrisy [...]

Traffic and Western Washington University

By John ServaisOn Mar 01, 2004

If WWU gets their way, $20 million in state taxes will be spent on jack-hammering out good roads and building new ones a hundred yards away. No increase in safety nor [...]

Western needs common sense

By John ServaisOn Feb 03, 2004

Know how to stop Western Washington University from repeatedly trying to destroy the neighborhoods around it? By limiting its potential size and by starting a new university in Everett or [...]

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