Anatomy of a Development Proposal - Part III University Ridge - Where Do I Park?

By Guest WriterOn Jul 08, 2013

Steve Abell guest writes this analysis. He is a resident of Bellingham. That question may be frequently asked by people driving in and around the future University Ridge (UR) student [...]

Anatomy of a Development Proposal - Part II Predictions of Dormitory Traffic Impacts Unrealistic

By Guest WriterOn Jul 03, 2013

Steve Abell guest writes this analysis. He is a resident of Bellingham. Ambling University Development Group LLC commissioned TranspoGroup, a traffic engineering firm located in Kirkland, WA, to produce a [...]

Anatomy of a Development Proposal - Part I The Variance

By Dick ConoboyOn Jun 26, 2013

Publisher note: This is the first in a series of articles that will dissect the proposal for a privately owned student domitory complex planned for the Puget Neighborhood. Dick Conoboy [...]

University Ridge Dormitory, The Infill Tool Kit and Our Neighborhoods

By Dick ConoboyOn May 13, 2013

The proposed student dormitory project by Ambling University Development of Valdosta, Georgia is moving forward in the planning approval process. This project, sited on 11 acres owned by Irv and Joan [...]

Update on University Ridge Student Dormitory Development

By Dick ConoboyOn May 08, 2013

The revised University Ridge dormitory apartment proposal was submitted by Ronald Jepson and Associates on behalf of Ambling University Development to the Planning Department on April 29th. The most basic [...]

University Ridge Height Variance Hearing Postponed

By Dick ConoboyOn Mar 12, 2013

The variance hearing for an exception to building height restrictions for the University Ridge student housing project has apparently been postponed, although such an amendment has not yet appeared on [...]

Troubling Implications of Variance Request

By Wendy HarrisOn Mar 01, 2013

The University Ridge Student Housing Project is noteworthy because of its attempt to use the variance process to avoid zoning compliance. If the applicant, Ambling University Group, LLN, and its [...]

University Ridge Student Housing - What is it?

By Dick ConoboyOn Feb 25, 2013

Coming soon (fall of 2014) to the Samish and Puget Neighborhoods may be a privately-owned student housing project of four buildings. It will have 164 units (allowed density is 176 units) and be [...]

From a Political Junkie: Buy Local, support your local campaign managers!

By Riley SweeneyOn Nov 22, 2010

In the world of business, there are lots of resources for young entrepreneurs: the Chamber of Commerce, seed funds, investor groups, legal assistance, mentoring programs, tax incentives, and people to [...]

Cooperation no substitute for small libraries

By John ServaisOn Aug 07, 2010

Finally, all Whatcom County libraries are putting together a cooperative agreement. Starting later this summer, any local library card holder can check out a book from any local library and [...]

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