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Martin Luther King was a true American hero

and champion of our basic rights. Without him we would be a more backward country today - and perhaps have more internal violence. He showed the way for whites as well as blacks towards a society of e

and champion of our basic rights. Without him we would be a more backward country today - and perhaps have more internal violence. He showed the way for whites as well as blacks towards a society of e

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and champion of our basic rights. Without him we would be a more backward country today - and perhaps have more internal violence. He showed the way for whites as well as blacks towards a society of equality and nonviolence. We are still having trouble following his leadership - but at least we know the way.

Take a moment today to look out across the landscape and reflect on his courage, his ability to verbalize the feelings of blacks and how our federal government demonized him and probably killed him. Think about George Bush's claim that there is freedom of speech in America. Perhaps there is if you don't actually have any influence. But if your speech does influence people then look out. MLK deserves his holiday.

I'm getting email about my choice of presidential candidate links in the right-hand column from supporters of candidates who want me backing their boy. I'm in favor of any progressive candidate who can defeat Bush and bring us back towards our American values of freedom and fairness.

I'm also against those who voted Bush a blank check to wage war in Iraq. Gephardt wrote the resolution when he thought that was the way to the presidency. Kerry fully supported the war and now says Bush was at fault for running the war poorly. Gephardt has little integrity and Kerry is too naive to beat Bush and the Republicans. They both wander all over the political landscape looking for where the people are thinking.

Dean, Kucinich and Clark stick by their basic principles. They have shown the ability to lead and not just follow the polls. Dean and Kucinich were the first to speak out against the war - with Kucinich leading the debate in Congress against the war act - while Kerry and Gephardt led the democrats who voted for the war. Kerry and Gephardt have no place on this website.

The Democratic Party machine is going nuts trying to smear these three true leaders because if any one of them wins the nomination then the party will lose power. The Democratic Party is not so concerned with American values as it is with its own power. Same as the Republicans. True conservatives are revolted by Bush's oppressive acts and deficit spending. We need a team who can bridge this gap. I think that combination is Dean with a running mate of Clark or Edwards.

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Martin Luther King was a true American hero

By John ServaisOn Jan 19, 2004

and champion of our basic rights. Without him we would be a more backward country today - and perhaps have more internal violence. He showed the way for whites as well as blacks towards a society of e

Northwest Citizen is firmly for Howard Dean

By John ServaisOn Jan 15, 2004

for President. The most important single reason is that I think he can beat George Bush. I’m independent, never having belonged to either party. Some of my best liberal friends insist I’m a closet con

The second issue of The Town Crier is out

By John ServaisOn Jan 14, 2004

The online edition has the same articles as the four-page tabloid. It would help if the editor would put dates with the online articles so we know which are current. Editor James Johann prints an anal

Find your way - and please use it

By John ServaisOn Jan 08, 2004

We read that 35 US soldiers were “hit” in Iraq yesterday. When our Bellingham Herald does print war casualties on the front page, the choice of words seeks to minimize the tragedy. Hit. Did someone pu

Does FoxNews lie and distort the news

By John ServaisOn Jan 03, 2004

to fit their conservative agenda? Yes. On a daily basis. Here is a nice example.

“Dean Attack on Kerry Farm Vote Backfires” reads the headline of a Jan 2 article suggesting Dean has accused Ker

The capture of Saddam Hussein today

By John ServaisOn Dec 14, 2003

is the end of one chapter and the beginning of another for Iraq and also for the United States.

If your reaction to reading those words is “dahhh” then pause a moment and consider what you thin

How much did George W know before 9/11

By John ServaisOn Dec 03, 2003

about the impending attack? Enough to have stopped the attack? The widow of a fellow killed in the attack has refused the $1 million from the government and is suing George W and his advisors. And she

Their Blood is on Bush’s Hands

By John ServaisOn Nov 24, 2003

Here is a link to an excellent Flash-style animation about soldiers dying in Iraq.

Suspicious activity

By John ServaisOn Nov 22, 2003

Today’s Herald has a human interest story about Greg Grant who hired sniper John Muhammad for yard chores a year ago - just a couple weeks before his rampage of killing. This past week, Greg testified

An analysis of the election results

By John ServaisOn Nov 17, 2003

by Paul de Armond is posted. Paul examines the returns and gives his perspective on what the numbers mean. His is not your conventional approach.

Paul runs the Public Good website and is active

A fun ‘Dean for President’ event

By John ServaisOn Nov 15, 2003

It was all fun, very brief, and is how big things get started. Of course they enjoyed the cake after, even without Dean.

The Northwest Independent News,

By John ServaisOn Nov 14, 2003

a weekly newspaper based in Bellingham, will start publication next Thursday, Nov 20. It will strive to report local news. Amazing. It will be a tabloid and be distributed throughout Whatcom County. Y

Election News

By John ServaisOn Nov 08, 2003

Brett Bonner sent out his concession statement last night, shortly after the auditor posted the final 7,000+ absentee ballots. It shows class by the fellow who waged a positive and forthright campaign

Levys should be for extra programs

By John ServaisOn Nov 06, 2003

Shame on the Bellingham Weekly. Page 3 of today’s paper has “The Slate” with photographs taken at Mark Asmundson’s victory party on Tuesday night. They asked Mark supporters what Brett would do

It is really hard to replace an incumbent

By John ServaisOn Nov 05, 2003

Those not sure just vote for the person in office, preferring a sure thing to an unknown. I give my respect to those who took the challenge and ran against entrenched incumbents. Especially Brett Bonn

You would never learn that from the Herald

By John ServaisOn Nov 03, 2003

Sunday’s Herald front page story on the mayor’s race again showed us how to skew reporting to favor your candidate. John Stark does this type of reporting on a regular basis. His story lists controver

For what it is worth,

By John ServaisOn Oct 31, 2003

here are my recommendations for the election.

The basic values that I apply are for elected officials to have honesty and provide open government that is accountable to the citizens. We can all

The huge gap for news in this community

By John ServaisOn Oct 30, 2003

Will be posting election recommendations today. Have not had time for some good posts the past week.

Reliable rumor has it that another weekly newspaper will start publishing in early November

Another perspective on County elections

By John ServaisOn Oct 21, 2003

I’ve just posted up a commentary by Stephen Trinkaus on all the local elections. He gives the perspective of a liberal activist - one who has participated in the local process and knows what is happen

On the levy, low-cost rentals and the Mayor’s gag order.

By John ServaisOn Oct 19, 2003

Today’s Herald devoted much of the first section of the paper to promoting the levy tax for EMS services, under the guise of reporting the issues. They printed two big graphs showing increases of resp