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Fooling with elections

10:30 am
As scripted, a partial veto. Gov. Locke vetoed the ‘Top 2’ section of the primary election bill, SB6453. This gets the Republican and Democrat party bosses off the hook - a huge favor to t

10:30 am
As scripted, a partial veto. Gov. Locke vetoed the ‘Top 2’ section of the primary election bill, SB6453. This gets the Republican and Democrat party bosses off the hook - a huge favor to t

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10:30 am
As scripted, a partial veto. Gov. Locke vetoed the 'Top 2' section of the primary election bill, SB6453. This gets the Republican and Democrat party bosses off the hook - a huge favor to them by Gov. Locke. The legislature sent him a bill that was worded for this partial veto.

Locke's press release puts positive spin on his action - and labels the 'Top 2' as "unconstitutional" without being specific. I'll tell you the specific - that the two political parties could successfully sue to prevent candidates from labeling themselves as Democrat or Republican. This was intentional by the legislature and with the Governor's consent. A poison pill that the governor wanted in the bill and he can now cite as a reason for vetoing the 'Top 2' section of the bill.

The 'Montana System' section of the bill that Locke has signed into law will allow the party bosses to get control of our election process. This website has been correct in assessing this bill's fate. We citizens will get the government we allow to be pushed in our faces. We can either decide we really don't value democracy that much or we can work to defeat this dysfunctional primary process.

8:00 am
At 10 am this morning. Gov. Locke will "act" on SB6453, the new primary election bill passed by the state legislature. With that will start five months of political turmoil and confusion - no matter what he does. Locke, the legislature and the bosses of the Republican and Democrat parties worked together in March to create a dysfunctional election bill - a bill that is designed to not work as written. I have fully explained this process in posts here dating back to Feb 24 when the US Supreme Court made final the requirement that we reform our state primary election process.

Today another part of this charade plays out. Our state officials are playing with our basic rights to exercise democracy in their attempt to rig our elections and keep power for themselves and away from us citizens and voters. All six representatives from Whatcom County to Olympia participated - whether they voted for or against SB6453. Not one of them will speak out and tell us the bill is a fraud. Shame on each of them.

Secretary of State Sam Reed deserves credit for his speaking out for democracy. He will be key to our efforts to restore democracy this summer. The Washington State Grange is also ready to work for democracy. And this website will do what it can.

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Fooling with elections

By John ServaisOn Apr 01, 2004

10:30 am
As scripted, a partial veto. Gov. Locke vetoed the ‘Top 2’ section of the primary election bill, SB6453. This gets the Republican and Democrat party bosses off the hook - a huge favor to t

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Before Wednesday, Gov. Locke will act on SB6453, the primary election bill. There has been no news on his deliberations these past two weeks. All legislators are very quiet. No press releases by the p

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Gov. Locke has not acted on the primary election bill. No doubt he is wondering how his reputation will be hurt if he vetoes the ‘Top 2’ process. He will be known in the future as the guy who tried to

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Today’s Bham Herald editorial is well meaning but hopelessly ignorant of the process in Olympia. Naive may be a better word to describe their editorial board. Gee, goes the editorial - the legislature

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We have Kelli Linville and Doug Ericksen voting against democracy and for the iron grip of the two political parties on our election process. Shame on them.

Quall and Morris voted for the ‘Top

They always say they “suspended the rules”

By John ServaisOn Mar 09, 2004

SB6453 passed the House late this evening by a vote of 51 to 46. Now - if Gov. Locke will just sign it. More when we have more facts. The morning papers should cover it decently.

Kelli Linville

Democracy on the line

By John ServaisOn Mar 04, 2004

On Friday morning at 8 am, the WA House committee on government will hold a hearing on the “Top 2” primary election bill - Senate Bill 6453. This is the hot bill this legislative session. The House wi

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