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The military sure likes to cover up information

Make it disappear. Never happened. The 205th Military Brigade - the outfit running the Abu Ghraib prison - has deleted the links to pages with photos of their officers and staff goofing off in Iraq. G

Make it disappear. Never happened. The 205th Military Brigade - the outfit running the Abu Ghraib prison - has deleted the links to pages with photos of their officers and staff goofing off in Iraq. G

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Make it disappear. Never happened. The 205th Military Brigade - the outfit running the Abu Ghraib prison - has deleted the links to pages with photos of their officers and staff goofing off in Iraq. Gone. Now that their commander, Col. Pappas, has finally been exposed as responsible for the abuses, they are revising the brigade website to hide information. Why? Maybe so someone can later say they never met someone else, while a photo may exist of them drinking together. When they hide things the question is why. And there is always a reason.

But NwCit saved the link to the pages photos. While you cannot get to these from the 205th MI website, you can get there from NwCit. If you want any of these for future reference, download them now as they could disappear for real at any time. Update: gone as of 2008.

From May 4 to May 18, NwCitizen posted reports and links to show that Col. Pappas was responsible. How would some citizen posting a personal blog know this? By simply reading and doing some Google searches. Knowing how the military chain of command works is also necessary and most veterans are familiar with the process. Why did not the mainstream media figure this out? Because by automatic reflex the media protect the elite and top managers of industry, government and the military. The media today are elite members themselves, unlike times past. They feel easy exposing a private or a common citizen, but not a colonel or general. Or senator or governor. Or mayor or port commissioner.

The point is - on many of these issues, the emperor has no clothes. But most people do not go where someone else says don't go. This includes the editors of major news media. They wait for the NY Times and the Washington Post to go into a new issue first. Of course, we now know that NY Times reporters have been falsifying stories for months with a bias towards the Bush government.

A doctored document that is relevant to this was exposed by NwCitizen back on May 17. Interestingly, I was told by a national news reporter that I was the only one to actually copy the original version. Others spotted the changes, but did not have a copy of the original as proof. The document denies what the two reports released this week, August 25, reveal were actually true. While the author of the doctored document may not have known what we know now, he also had no basis for his strong denouncement of Seymour Hersh's reporting. Seymour Hersh is now proved right - again.

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The military sure likes to cover up information

By John ServaisOn Aug 26, 2004

Make it disappear. Never happened. The 205th Military Brigade - the outfit running the Abu Ghraib prison - has deleted the links to pages with photos of their officers and staff goofing off in Iraq. G

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The initiative is ‘remove motor boats’, notremove boats’ from Lake Whatcom. Our Chamber of Commerce just lies in print to achieve their goal of defeating the initiative.

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ABC News has an exclusive interview with a sergeant in the 302 MI Battalion, a unit of Col Pappas 205 MI Brigade. See NwCit report below of May 4 - two weeks ago. The sergeant says there was and is a

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By John ServaisOn Apr 12, 2004

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Tragedy and war crimes in Iraq

By John ServaisOn Apr 10, 2004

You will not learn the full truth about this week in Iraq for many years - if the US military has its way. Our troops are causing unspeakable horrors to the Iraqi people. You must read the foreign pre

10 killed is only the tip of the iceberg

By John ServaisOn Apr 05, 2004

When some of the 24 US soldiers wounded in Iraq over the weekend die from their wounds - they will not be counted as deaths in Iraq. Only those who actually die on the battlefield are counted.<