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Arts & Recreation

Extrapolation and Imagination

By Elizabeth SoderbergOn Dec 06, 2017

In On the Banks of Plum Creek, the Ingalls are living in a sod/cave house near a small stream. There is a powerful rainstorm, and after it, Laura goes [...]

Clayton Beach Vandalism - Again

By John ServaisOn Jul 13, 2017

Yes, the park ranger at Larrabee State Park has been notified and sent some of these photos. Tim Paxton, a contributor to this site, enjoys strolls on the beach and [...]

Carcinogenic High School Sports Fields

By Tim PaxtonOn Jul 11, 2017

Bellingham School District is making a terrible mistake. Dr. Greg Baker, the current superintendent of the Bellingham School District, is quickly building a new artificial turf sports stadium at Bellingham [...]

Chekhov’s “A Father”

By Elizabeth SoderbergOn Jul 08, 2017

Anton Chekhov was a literary genius, that’s a given. But I feel he was also a medical genius, albeit one who never practiced formally. For those (probably few) of [...]

Nellie Oleson Destroyed Western Civilization

By Elizabeth SoderbergOn Jun 03, 2017

One hears it all the time: where did Manners go? The entire concept has been thrown out the window…(although here in the South Manners persisted a bit longer than [...]

Proust, Prurience, and Paperbacks

By Elizabeth SoderbergOn Apr 08, 2017

My online Scrabble game just told me that, no, I cannot put an “L” on “outhunt.” I rather liked the (non) word: louthunt. Let’s have one! People around here ([...]

Whatcom County Government Employees Need Grievance System

By Michael ChiavarioOn Oct 21, 2016

Michael Chiavario writes about our county parks department. Michael has lived in Bellingham since 1968. He retired from his job at Whatcom County Parks after 20 years of service in 2015. Note: On [...]

Ferndale volunteers build kids playground

By John ServaisOn Jun 05, 2016

The photos should tell the story. Starting last Tuesday morning, volunteers started building a children's playground next to Pioneer Park on Ferndale's south side. Its name is Star [...]

Proposed over-water walkway is dead

By John ServaisOn May 21, 2016

It can now be reliably reported that the long planned over-water walkway, running from the north end of Boulevard Park to the Cornwall Avenue landfill, has been cancelled by the [...]

In White Skin

By Ralph SchwartzOn Feb 01, 2016

“I’m just a lost soul in white skin / Trying to find my way to a new end” I won’t quit my day job to [...]

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