A new Bellingham progressive web site

By John ServaisOn Aug 19, 2005

- Vote PC - has just been put up by Ryan Ferris. It has a very good mission. To bring some intelligence and law to our local governments in Whatcom [...]

One of over 1,600 vigils across the USA

By NWCitizen ManagementOn Aug 17, 2005

Sat, Aug 20, postBelow I suggest no local elected officials attended the vigil. I am pleased to report that city council member Terry Borneman attended. Others saw him and told me. [...]

A vigil to support Cindy Sheehan

By NWCitizen ManagementOn Aug 16, 2005

is being held tomorrow evening on the Fairhaven Village Green. Cindy is the mother of the soldier killed in Iraq. She is camped outside the gates to George Bush’s [...]

Like toxic water flowing from GP

By NWCitizen ManagementOn Jul 02, 2005

The link to No Forced Fluoride in Bellingham is posted to the right. The pro-fluoride initiative backers - financed by Seattle powers with well-laundered money passed along to hide the [...]

Fluoride in water is medicine

By NWCitizen ManagementOn Jun 22, 2005

We found the nerve endings. The fluoride proponents don’t like the word “medicine” as used in the June 16 post below. Of course fluoride in water is just that - [...]

We want pure clean water

By NWCitizen ManagementOn Jun 16, 2005

The fluoride proponents don’t have a clue. They don’t get it. When I open my water tap, I want clean water to come out, not medicine.These well-meaning [...]

Deja vu of 1996

By NWCitizen ManagementOn Jun 12, 2005

Chuckanut Ridge is a controversy now - and it is deja vu of 1996. On October ‘96, NwCitizen broke new information and posted three reports that helped to stop the development. It [...]

Larsen feels no need to be accountable

By NWCitizen ManagementOn Apr 25, 2005

Apparently my name is on Larsen’s black list. He has replied to some others on his vote for the bankruptcy bill - but only, as he writes, because they [...]

Hey Rick - call home

By NWCitizen ManagementOn Apr 18, 2005

Still no answer from Rick Larsen’s staff. No answer to direct questions has been the process for the past couple years. His office probably responds the same day to [...]

Rick is catering to some wealthy donors

By NWCitizen ManagementOn Apr 14, 2005

Rick Larsen is voting with the conservative Republicans these days. Rick was one of the key few Democrats who voted FOR the harsh new bankruptcy law - and for the [...]

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