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All Hands on Deck to Help Protect the Great Blue Herons

By Jamie K. DonaldsonOn May 21, 2019

Update - posted Tuesday, May 21 Many people have been enjoying (from a safe distance!) the activity down at the heron colony at Post Point. The “chicks” are getting really big! [...]

Herons Continued: A Response to a Reader’s Comments

By Jamie K. DonaldsonOn May 18, 2019

In reply to the comments Gabe Rogel posted on my article of April 4. Or, to compare this article side by side to his comments, click here for a pdf of [...]

Vacation Rental Kickoff Is May 5th - Put It On Your Calendar!

By Dick ConoboyOn Apr 30, 2019

Framing counts. That is why the city consistently refers to vacation rentals as short term rentals (STRs). Just another rental but…you know… short. I think an even better descriptor [...]

The Sight Of Green

By Guest WriterOn Apr 19, 2019

[Guest Writer, Erin Wade, owns the salad bistro Vinaigrette, the general store Modern General and two sustainable farms in Texas and New Mexico. She was born and raised in Bellingham [...]

Unbreaking America: A NEW short film about solving the Corruption Crisis

By Larry HorowitzOn Apr 17, 2019

A 12-minute video actually worth watching. Interesting and informative. Unbreaking America

WWU Dormitory Construction Plans Woefully Inadequate

By Dick ConoboyOn Apr 14, 2019

In February 2018, WWU President Sabah Randhawa announced plans before the Bellingham City Council (albeit quite vague) that the university would begin building additional on-campus housing. (Video of his remarks here [...]

Bellingham Heron Colony Threatened by Development - Again

By Jamie K. DonaldsonOn Apr 04, 2019

Update - Monday, April 15, 2019 As you can see from the notice, the Public Hearing to consider sub-dividing the Shorewood plat next to the heron colony was postponed until further notice. [...]

Samish Hill Forested Acreage Getting a “Haircut” - What Lies Ahead?

By Tom DohmanOn Apr 03, 2019

Approximately 68 acres of forested land on Samish Hill (east of 40th St) are slated for timber harvesting with follow-up plans to replant the logged areas with new tree seedlings within 1[...]

Why Does Gov. Inslee permit spraying of carcinogenic pesticides on Salish Sea eelgrass beds?

By David CampOn Apr 03, 2019

Previously Published at Salish Sea Gazette No doubt many, if not most, people who read this know Cliff Mass - meteorologist and weatherman on Seattle NPR. He is also keeping [...]

Restore The Mayor’s Neighborhood Advisory Commission (MNAC) To Its Former Role in Planning

By Dick ConoboyOn Apr 01, 2019

Shortly after Kelli Linville was installed as mayor, she prevailed on the then current group of naive and uninformed Mayor’s Neighborhood Advisory Commission (MNAC) representatives to vote themselves out [...]

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