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An astute political observer just brought this to my attention.

Clinton’s selection of unknown Kaine as running mate signals that Democrats are willing to throw the election to Republicans and Trump will likely be our next president - absent a resurgence of Sanders in a contested convention. Why would they do that?

For one, the two parties like to switch it off every eight years. It prevents either party from having to take responsibility for the results of their government. One party can rail against the failures of the other in the run-up to elections, and each can alternately play whipping boy to the other. Their real job is raising campaign money and cramming down the middle class for their corporate overlords. It takes a lot of poor to make one rich.

But what both parties fear most is insurgent domestic reform. That’s why mainstream and especially old school Republicans dislike Trump. It’s also why Democrats will throw the election. There is nothing of greater value to party hack Democrats than punishing progressives, especially Bernie Sanders. Sanders is clearly figured to become the scapegoat and will be loudly blamed for Hillary’s loss (though she will have earned it on her own).

The dynamic ensures that the agenda will continue to incrementally slide toward the industrial/military/socially conservative direction Reagan commenced and global corporatism favors. That's what both sides offer when they laud incremental policy shifts. Of course, it means war without end, the perfect corporate marketplace. First planes and boats, then bombs and bullets, then waves of subsidized contractors protected by private security, puppet governments, more trade deals and profits. What’s not to like?

That's why progressives of every stripe should hope, pray and work tirelessly for a progressive candidate miracle. It’s the only way the agenda can be nudged toward prioritizing basic human needs and the environment. Once started, it would be hard to roll back. Ironically, it costs a lot less than the corporate brand, so those who favor lower taxes should be in support.

If anyone out there has not read Walter Karp’s “Indispensable Enemy” and “Politics of War”, you better get busy! Interesting times.

Thanks, Bo!

Tip Johnson

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