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Bellilngham Comprehensive Plan Udpate Moves to Council for Action

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Consideration of changes to Bellingham's Comprehensive Plan now migrates to the city council for a series of work sessions, hearings and eventual approval, most likely in September. But now is the time to get involved. The city council's committee of the whole will get a briefing from city staff on May 16th and a public hearing will be held by the council on June 6th. The planning commission's recommendations have been added to the draft comprehensive plan posted on the city's website (click here) You will also find a public comment tracker that has been updated as of May 4th to give you an idea of those issues that have already surfaced during the planning commission process. Not all comments carried over to changes in the updated draft.

The comprehensive plan covers policies in the following areas that are surely to affect our neighborhoods for the next 5-6 years and not always in a positive manner:
Land Use
Community Design
Economic Development
Parks, Recreation and Open Space
Capital Facilities and Utilities

Pass this information to your neighborhood association board of directors for discussion and action. Otherwise someone else will decide what your neighborhood looks like in the future.