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Bellingham Bells - Firework Effects Are The Public’s Problem

By Dick ConoboyOn Mar 22, 2019

Our Bellingham Bells baseball team has again chosen to enhance the money making aspect of their games over the well-being of our most vulnerable populations, both human and animal, by [...]

Saving The Orca And Salmon - Does Inslee Have The Political Will?

By Juliette DanielsOn Mar 20, 2019

In March 2018, Gov. Jay Inslee issued an executive order that directed state agencies to take “immediate” action to help the critically-endangered Southern Resident orcas and formed a nearly 50-member Southern [...]

Lisa Anderson Running for Ward 5 City Council

By Dick ConoboyOn Mar 19, 2019

Lisa Anderson has announced her candidacy for the Ward 5 City Council seat held by long-time City Council member Terry Bornemann who will retire at the end of 2019. (see press release [...]

No!  I Will Not Round Up.

By Dick ConoboyOn Mar 11, 2019

The grocery store cashier rings up the final item and provides the total to pay. Then comes the question, “Would you like to round that up for such and such [...]

The “Stick”-ification of Bellingham

By Dick ConoboyOn Mar 06, 2019

You see them all over town now. First, it was one or two, and then a creeping infection in the city of Bellingham, an infection of ugly, sometimes small and [...]

Bellingham Residential Survey Makes My Teeth Itch

By Dick ConoboyOn Mar 02, 2019

Congratulations! Bellingham has just produced another survey of homeowners and seniors. What is wrong with this picture? Two years ago I wrote an article here entitled, “The Bellingham Residential Survey [...]

Public Banking Bill Re-Introduced In the Washington State Senate

By Dick ConoboyOn Feb 27, 2019

A budget proviso in the current state budget has provided funds for the development of a business plan for an eventual Washington state public bank. The business plan is due [...]

Rud Browne and His Wanderlust

By John ServaisOn Feb 07, 2019

Reading Ralph Schwartz’s fine article about the selection process in Mount Vernon on February 5 to appoint Liz Lovelett to the state Senate, Ralph notes the antics of Rud Browne. [...]

Anacortes Council member Lovelett to replace Ranker in state Senate

By Ralph SchwartzOn Feb 05, 2019

Anacortes City Council member Liz Lovelett was sworn in late Tuesday, Feb. 5, as Washington state’s newest senator, to represent the 40th Legislative District. Members of the San Juan and [...]

Move These Buses, Now

By Alex McLeanOn Jan 27, 2019

If Bellingham Public Schools (hereafter noted as BPS) goes forward with plans to renovate its bus barn and storage facility, it will automatically foreclose on any option this community might [...]

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