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Mercury, anyone?

Byy On

We have mercury contamination all over our county. That we know. Lake Whatcom and Bellingham Bay. Georgia Pacific’s chlorine plant leaked mercury for about 35 years and neither GP nor our environmental agencies will tell us how much. We do know that in making chlorine, half the mercury leaked in waste water and half into the air. Of course it dropped out of the air after a bit of travel. Where, is the question. Over Lake Whatcom? Perhaps. Over the Lettered Streets? Over the Cornwall neighborhood? Over the northern county areas? No studies have been taken or released.

Now this. Research that Mercury is even more dangerous than the scientists thought. And they thought it was terrible. Nada in today’s Herald. One may not have to eat fish from Lake Whatcom to get mercury poisoning in Bellingham and Whatcom County. Does our city health department test our drinking water for mercury? If so, what is their threshold for testing? You see, mercury is accumulative.

While a few fringe environmentalists get excited about outboard motors on Lake Whatcom, we tend to ignore the real dangers. Leaking septic systems. Leaking sewage system at Sudden Valley. Accumulated runoffs from lakeside developments that put pesticides, fertilizers, oils and toxins into the lake. And mercury. What proportion of the total is outboard motor oils may be a very small fraction. But some environmentalists love a crusade more than improving the environment. And some politicians will jump on a noisy bandwagon and ignore real issues that could be socially awkward. Mercury anyone?

Mercury, anyone?

By John ServaisOn Feb 09, 2004

We have mercury contamination all over our county. That we know. Lake Whatcom and Bellingham Bay. Georgia Pacific’s chlorine plant leaked mercury for about 35 years and neither GP nor [...]

Well, good luck to Kerry

By John ServaisOn Feb 08, 2004

He will certainly have my support if he gets the nomination. And it looks like the Democratic party machine will give him that at the convention in Boston next July.[...]

Is Kerry a Dukakis2?

By John ServaisOn Feb 06, 2004

Let’s hope the Democrats select Howard Dean at their caucuses tomorrow in Washington State. Let’s select the guy with the best potential to beat Bush. And let’s [...]

Why does Howard Dean have

By John ServaisOn Feb 05, 2004

a much better chance of beating Bush than John Kerry? Because Kerry will be tarred and feathered by the Republicans if he is the nominee. Kerry is a guy who [...]

George Bush AWOL?

By John ServaisOn Feb 04, 2004

Hell, he was a deserter. Now, now. It is quite true. I’ve been through this several times over three years now with conservative friends. They end up changing the [...]

Western needs common sense

By John ServaisOn Feb 03, 2004

Know how to stop Western Washington University from repeatedly trying to destroy the neighborhoods around it? By limiting its potential size and by starting a new university in Everett or [...]

No ad on CBS Super Bowl

By John ServaisOn Feb 02, 2004

CBS said ad too controversial for AmericansSuper Bowl is nice family occasionFCC refused to speak out or monitor CBSAd with horse farting in woman’s face is OKAd with dog [...]

We should speak out against this secret giveaway

By John ServaisOn Jan 29, 2004

Am adding a link to the Evergreen Freedom Foundation down in the Reference section. They post fiscal information on government agencies, state and local. They are the folks who uncovered [...]

Super Bowl ad ‘too controversial’

By John ServaisOn Jan 27, 2004 has a TV ad about the huge national deficit that George W is giving us. They have raised the million or more dollars to run it during the [...]

A new local conservative website

By John ServaisOn Jan 24, 2004

The Town Crier has a nicely improved home page which lists all articles with dates of publication. This Bellingham-based website is worth your checking for a more conservative viewpoint. You [...]

Don’t spy on us is a new link

By John ServaisOn Jan 23, 2004

added to the Reference section in the right side column. It deals with our 4th Amendment rights to privacy - just what the government is busy dismantling in the name [...]

The toxins would drift to our lungs

By John ServaisOn Jan 22, 2004

The future of our war in Iraq is analyzed and predictions are made in a new post on the website World In Conflict, a sub-site of NwCitizen. Credit for the [...]

Watching Dean on TV celebrating 3rd place

By John ServaisOn Jan 20, 2004

in Iowa embarrassed me. Watching John Edwards speak after his surprise 2nd-place finish was refreshing and hopeful. Edwards spoke to America during his 7 minutes of coverage by all the networks. [...]

Martin Luther King was a true American hero

By John ServaisOn Jan 19, 2004

and champion of our basic rights. Without him we would be a more backward country today - and perhaps have more internal violence. He showed the way for whites as [...]

Screwed up city bureaucracy is exposed

By John ServaisOn Jan 16, 2004

by Tim Paxton. He posted this to the Lake Whatcom discussion group and has given permission for posting here. I phoned the city attorney’s office and asked the name [...]

Northwest Citizen is firmly for Howard Dean

By John ServaisOn Jan 15, 2004

for President. The most important single reason is that I think he can beat George Bush. I’m independent, never having belonged to either party. Some of my best liberal [...]

The second issue of The Town Crier is out

By John ServaisOn Jan 14, 2004

The online edition has the same articles as the four-page tabloid. It would help if the editor would put dates with the online articles so we know which are current. [...]

Posted mid January at bottom of home page

By John ServaisOn Jan 14, 2004

About 240 citizens check NwCitizen each day and regular readers check about once a week. Over 4,000 unique - different - citizens check this site every month. Examining where you come from [...]

Find your way - and please use it

By John ServaisOn Jan 08, 2004

We read that 35 US soldiers were “hit” in Iraq yesterday. When our Bellingham Herald does print war casualties on the front page, the choice of words seeks to minimize the [...]

Did you feel the earthquake at 4:11 pm

By John ServaisOn Jan 06, 2004

this afternoon? A small 2.7 intensity quake under the southern part of Chuckanut Mountain, about 4 miles south of Fairhaven, jolted us. You can check the earthquake site for details.