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The Port Commissioner campaign is getting hot

Ginny Benton, seeking her third term as commissioner, stated this evening at the Rome Grange that she will not respond to the “mud slinging” being done against her. She will “not stoop” to dignify thi

Ginny Benton, seeking her third term as commissioner, stated this evening at the Rome Grange that she will not respond to the “mud slinging” being done against her. She will “not stoop” to dignify thi

Ginny Benton, seeking her third term as commissioner, stated this evening at the Rome Grange that she will not respond to the "mud slinging" being done against her. She will "not stoop" to dignify this sort of campaigning.

Four candidates are challenging Ginny. Word is the winner of the primary will get the full support of the others to oust Ginny. There is a strong move to replace her as commissioner. Indeed, some political junkies are betting that Ginny will lose out in the primary. Much of the motivation is her several conflict-of-interest escapades and personal financial troubles.

Ginny owes the voters answers to the muddy questions. Her actions are enough to elect someone else. For her to now say she will not respond and give explanations for her actions is all the more reason to throw her out of office. As an elected commissioner she is accountable to the voters. Of course, there may not be satisfactory explanations for her actions, and that may be why she wants to avoid the issues.

We need explanations to the following:

- A $200,000 lawsuit in 2001 against her for embezzling funds from apartments she was managing in Canada. It quietly went away. What is the story?

- Her hiring the official Port attorney Frank Chmelik to represent her in this suit. For five months he responded for her. As the Port's attorney, his firm gets paid by the Port.

- Her declaring personal bankruptcy two years ago. Did she run up $50,000 in credit card debt before declaring?

- Her taking a high-paying job with a Port tenant, STS, just after they got a lease from the Port. She later lost the job and sued them.

Indeed, Ginny, as an elected official, should provide us voters with full disclosure of all her finances for the past 8 years she has been Port Commissioner. What else do we not know about? Mud slinging? Well, perhaps that is what you call it when you don't have a decent explanation.

By the way, the Port is flush with cash these days. While Port executive director Jim Darling is trying to screw all county taxpayers by overcharging for use of a Port building for a temporary jail, the Port is swimming in money but won't tell us.

The Port has received $17 million dollars in an insurance settlement for polluted Port properties. By the time some fees are paid, the benefit will be reduced to about $15 million. Jim Darling and the Port staff claimed the Port didn't know it was polluting all these years and got the money in a settlement with their insurance company.

The Port has always been less than honest and forthright with citizens. The four new candidates all want to change the culture at the Port to make it more accountable to us taxpayers and voters. Ginny Benton is part of the problem at the Port. She thinks she can do anything and not tell us. No problem. Vote for any of the other four candidates.

The Port Commissioner campaign is getting hot

By John ServaisOn Aug 27, 2003

Ginny Benton, seeking her third term as commissioner, stated this evening at the Rome Grange that she will not respond to the “mud slinging” being done against her. She will “not stoop” to dignify thi

Wednesday’s Lunch Time Soapbox Forum

By John ServaisOn Aug 21, 2003

At yesterday’s forum, the mayor and four challengers faced the audience for over an hour of questions. The forum does not allow them to use notes, so the give and take is very entertaining as well as

Do we have to endure a tragedy before we wake up?

By John ServaisOn Aug 14, 2003

Go pick up today’s issue of the Bellingham Weekly and read the Skinny. It reports on the Bellingham Police giving jaywalking citations to downtown merchants who have dared to criticize the police. The

Give GW what he deserves

By John ServaisOn Aug 11, 2003

If you are interested in giving the raspberry to George W when he visits Washington State next week, then check out and make travel plans. W is coming here for some photo ops o

This is an exclusive NwCitizen feature

By John ServaisOn Aug 08, 2003

If you like a good read then check The Door to War and the Futurist Markets article. The author takes the concept of a Terror Futures Market and looks at how the world works.

OK. They are completely insane

By John ServaisOn Aug 03, 2003

Amazing. I can call the supposed president of our country insane and my conservative friends only object to the f word. This is an adult site. If my “credibility” rests on that, then folks know nothin

Where is Bob Hope when we need him?

By John ServaisOn Jul 30, 2003

Tuesday afternoon, the Bush administration back peddled from the Terrorist Futures Market idea under fire from Senators from both sides and ridicule from news media. You should know this plan was not

George W and the Pentagon are absolutely insane

By John ServaisOn Jul 29, 2003

They are proposing a future’s market on terrorism, assassinations, atrocities and war. These guys figure out a way to make money on most anything. So this is their vision of the future - war for profi

Pay no attention to the plan behind the curtain

By John ServaisOn Jul 17, 2003

The Bellingham Herald has good reporting in today’s paper on the City Council’s stumbling into a $300,000-plus gift to a local business. The business happens to be owned by one of the best friends of

Carpenter’s Union update

By John ServaisOn Jul 14, 2003

Just to finish the reporting on the carpenters, the union members approved the new contract, which retains their health benefits. The basic reason they went on strike was to avoid cuts in these health

Herald keeps carpenters in the dark

By John ServaisOn Jul 04, 2003

A tentative agreement was reached last evening by the carpenter’s and the contractors associations. Construction will resume on all the sites Monday morning and and the agreement will go to a vote of

Carpenter’s Union strike nearly over?

By John ServaisOn Jul 02, 2003

The Associated General Contractors and the Carpenter’s Union will meet tomorrow morning to try and settle the health benefits dispute and end the strike, which has stopped major construction projects

Carpenters striking blows

By John ServaisOn Jun 28, 2003

The carpenters’ strike continued all day Friday - at St. Joe’s Hospital and at several other large construction sites around Bellingham. Nada in the Herald, of course. All over Western Washington, sit

Toxic gas news seeps slowly

By John ServaisOn Jun 27, 2003

The carpenters’ strike at St. Joe’s Hospital continues. They are also striking several other construction sites around Bellingham. The dispute is over the construction industry association reducing th

Stop the presses! Herald reasonably accurate!

By John ServaisOn Jun 26, 2003

For the record, the Herald today reported on yesterday’s story below. Reasonably accurate, if they did leave out some important information.

A stand must be taken to protect water quality

By John ServaisOn Jun 25, 2003

Posted here because the Bellingham Herald has now ignored this for two days. Of very high importance to Bellingham - and with significant developments.

There are a few outstanding news web sites

By John ServaisOn Jun 24, 2003

that provide national and international news that is most important and not always available. One site is truthout and it depends on visitor donations to continue. No ads, no popups, no commercial spo

The system does not work when there are no checks on state agencies

By John ServaisOn Jun 13, 2003

St. Joe’s Hospital will probably be facing fines for venting toxic gas into the construction area of their new addition. Our Bellingham Herald has not reported a bit of this. Rumor has it that one or

Candidate listings were updated this morn

By John ServaisOn Jun 05, 2003

If you have info on candidates or possible candidates, send it in. The list to the right will be maintained through the election. We gripe about the actions of elected representatives - well, here is

This site will be quiet for a week

By John ServaisOn May 28, 2003

as I will be out of town. Upon return, my first interest will be updating the candidate listings in the right-hand column. If you have info on a candidate - or a person considering running - then plea

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