Thoughts on the Fairhaven Highlands Draft EIS


A public hearing on the Fairhaven Highlands Draft EIS was held on Tuesday, October 20 at the County Council Chambers. Approximately 250 to 300 were in attendance.

Channel 10 (BTV) broadcast of public hearing
The video of the hearing is scheduled to run on Channel 10 (BTV) Monday, Nov 2 at 9:00 AM. It will likely be aired on future dates as well. See Related Links below for BTV’s updated Program Schedule.

On-demand streaming video of public hearing
Additionally, the City of Bellingham has posted an on-demand streaming video of the hearing online. See Related Links below. The online service allows you to skip directly to any point of the 211-minute video.

Key comments at public hearing

In my opinion, the following comments are especially worth viewing:

Dr. Bob Gibb, former medical examiner – begins at the 56:00 mark

Llyn Doremus, hydrolology consultant – 61:00

Sarah Cooke, wetland consultant – 69:00

Dave Bricklin, land use and environmental attorney – 85:20

John Lesow, County Planning Commissioner – 110:40

John McLaughlin, Ph.D., WWU Professor, biologist, researcher – 115.45

Michael Botwin, former California Deputy Attorney General – 127.45

Gerry Wilbour, blasting expert – 140.20

Nancy Joseph, agency SEPA official – 152.15

Brad Rose, Edgemoor Neighborhood Assn pres. – 155.20

Christopher Grannis, South Neighborhood Assn pres. – 173:00

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Larry Horowitz

Oct 30, 2009

In case anyone cares, I have updated my draft comment letter to Version 5.

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