Politics & Ice Water: Part 1 of ?

Politics is like a pool of ice water. When men jump in their balls shrivel up.

Politics is like a pool of ice water. When men jump in their balls shrivel up.

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Q: How is politics like a pool of ice water? 

A: When men jump in their balls shrivel up.

What is it that causes a candidate to lose courage once in office?

Is it more important to be re-elected than to serve the people who elected you?

Why do those in power continue to hide under the skirts of their legal advisors when challenged to do the right thing?




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Steve Wilson

Aug 22, 2010

If men need testicular fortitude, what do the women electeds need?


Larry Horowitz

Aug 23, 2010


As always, thanks for taking time to read my trash and ? especially - for adding your thoughts.

Naturally, what I wrote applies equally to women; however, at least locally, men predominate among our electeds - so it?s easier to pick on them.

I can?t tell you how many courageous campaign promises I have heard, only to transfigure into whimpers and excuses once elected.  What makes all these men (and women) conform to the status quo?  Who is controlling that invisible hand?

Am I insane for expecting anything different?



Aug 23, 2010

To take off from your similar remarks on the Petree thread: who will speak truth to power; and I suspect you know I share a similar outlook with you, the unfortunate answer is, no one because, in almost all cases, power elects the peoples’ representatives.

We’ve reached this dead-end in the discussion before.  But I can’t resist pointing out that while an absolute confrontation with power is more than we can hope for; I’ve settled for just little resistances here and there.

You must realize that the refutations you rightly complimented on that other thread would never had appeared without the involvement of your nemesis with the shriveled manhood.

Maybe the lesson is, the remedy for the effects of that cold water, is just the need to show a little warmth!


Larry Horowitz

Aug 23, 2010

Since we?re talking in code, you must realize that I have reached out ?warmly? to ?shriveled man? many times only to be shut down ? on several occasions through you as the middle man.  I think the ball is clearly in his court.  What is keeping him from shooting?  Seriously, what?  If it were just warmth, as you claim, then this issue would have been resolved a long time ago.

How can you show warmth to someone who refuses to meet with you?


Larry Horowitz

Aug 26, 2010

Update:  To my surprise, I met with a local elected official yesterday who actually showed courage and a strong desire to do the right thing.  I believe there might even be two or three others waiting in the wings.

A hopeful sign?


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