Letter: Culture Wars

Mark Ashworth writes about Trump and our current national situation.

Mark Ashworth writes about Trump and our current national situation.

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Trump will be remembered for corruption, incompetence, mass death and a failed coup but it didn’t start in 2016. Culture war has been cultivated by the Republican party for decades to gain and maintain power. It’s waged on a local, state and national scale.

The original goal was consolidation of wealth. When Obama ran for President it shifted to the consolidation of white power. Their tools are voter suppression, dark money, media propaganda and social network platforms.

Their foot soldiers have been armed with assault weapons for “sport” and told they have the right to dominate the rest of us. Their goal is not freedom, it’s the creation of a one party state with an authoritarian leader at the top.

Many of Trump’s political enablers are now disavowing him, not because he tried to overturn a fair election but because he was clumsy and made them look bad. Remember who they are and don’t let them become the new leader of his zombies.

Remember the companies that peddled propaganda, financed operations and helped them organize: Fox, Koch, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others. They all need to be held accountable for the coup that was attempted on January 6th 2021. If we don’t, this will happen again.

Mark Ashworth, Bellingham

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