Crosscut publishes article on Fairhaven Highlands

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Professional journalist and local resident, Bob Simmons, has published an article entitled Horizon Bank and the fate of Fairhaven Highlands on the Seattle-based website.

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Steve Wilson

Oct 27, 2009


Good to see publicity getting dispersed beyond the ‘Fourth Corner’.  Wondering if it would be a good idea to issue a press release to other media outlets along the west coast with appropriate links to this issue?  This is certainly newsworthy!!


Larry Horowitz

Oct 27, 2009


Thanks for your comment; this article was getting lonely.

I understand that Bellingham Herald growth reporter Jared Paben has taken an interest in this story.  Hopefully we’ll see something in the local paper soon.

Herald business reporter Dave Gallagher and I have exchanged emails a number of times on this topic; he may mention it as part of a larger article on local banks.

Seattle Times business reporter Drew DeSilver and I have also exchanged a number of emails.  He may refer to this issue when he does his quarterly bank update.

Your press release idea is intriguing.  Let me mull that over.



David Camp

Oct 29, 2009

Nice to see a federal government agency actually doing its job rather than fostering lawlessness and greed and racketeering.

Maybe there is still hope for the hobbits living in the evil empire of doom.

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