Ami Horowitz: A Democrat Who Terrifies Other Democrats

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​An interesting Issues & Insights opinion piece about Democrat presidential candidate Ami Horowitz (no relation) that’s worth reading.

A Democrat Who Terrifies Other Democrats


“Ami Horowitz, a noted documentary filmmaker, announced his candidacy this month and expressed sentiments with which all four of those giants of the party’s history would agree. ‘The Democratic Party has become the party of socialism, open borders, and late-term abortions,’ he said. ‘They’ve become so radicalized over the past several years that I feel compelled to try to bring some sanity into the discussion.’ ”

” ‘So I want to go on the debate stage, I want to throw an intellectual hand grenade there, and make that debate stage a very unsafe space, intellectually speaking, for those people.’ ”

“Far from meaning the Democrats any harm, registered Democrat Horowitz emphasizes that ‘they’re destroying themselves. I’m looking to save the party, not to hurt them … I want to move them back to the center, where they belong. I’m a Patrick Moynihan-Scoop Jackson-JFK type of Democrat. Those are the things that I believe in. I want to bring that back to the party, things they don’t believe in anymore.’ ”

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Scott Wicklund

May 30, 2019

It’s too late for Horowitz.  Biden captures the vital center.  Lol….

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