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Lisa Anderson Running for Ward 5 City Council

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• In Bellingham,

Lisa Anderson has announced her candidacy for the Ward 5 City Council seat held by long-time City Council member Terry Bornemann who will retire at the end of 2019. (see press release below)

Lisa is known for her dedication over the last several years as a member of the city Planning Commission where her work is characterized by detailed analysis of agenda items and penetrating questions. Garrett O’Brien, a fellow commission member says, “Lisa is a good listener and informed decision maker, she will do well on City Council.” And this from commissioner Steve Crooks: “Lisa Anderson has been a great contributor to our Planning Commission and could bring a new attitude to old problems…”

Lisa’s three decades of experience in Bellingham is reflected in her knowledge of city issues. Being action oriented, she was one of the driving forces behind the condemnation and eventual razing of the crime ridden and methamphetamine-contaminated Aloha Motel. The land has been sold to the Bellingham Housing Authority where apartments for low income residents will be built. Lisa has been a proponent of this kind of infill in the Samish Way Urban Village, which she and her husband live near. Her years on the York Neighborhood Association board and her position as its president attest to her community service orientation and collaborative leadership skills.

Current City Council members have this to say about Lisa. From City Council Member Michael Lilliquist: “I have been impressed with Lisa’s thoughtfulness and with the way she has navigated controversial issues without fanning the flames. That’s a valuable quality for anyone who wants to step into the political spotlight.” Terry Bornemann, who is vacating the 5th ward seat, tells us, “Lisa has a great combination of understanding land use planning, the importance of building community and strong neighborhoods and the ability to listen to folks as opposed to telling them. She would be a very good fit to represent the 5th ward on the Bellingham City Council.” Long-time council member Gene Knutson says “Lisa has done a good job on the Planning Commission. She is thoughtful, serious and really cares about the community. She would make a good council member.”

Lisa has gained important insights about the in’s and out’s of zoning, housing regulations, and urban planning as a volunteer Planning Commissioner. Now, she is stepping up to play an even greater leadership role and deserves voter support.

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