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Donut Dollies In Vietnam - Three Did Not Come Home Alive

They died in Vietnam supporting and entertaining the troops. Memorial Day is for them too. So is a Congressional Gold Medal.

They died in Vietnam supporting and entertaining the troops. Memorial Day is for them too. So is a Congressional Gold Medal.



To award a Congressional Gold Medal to members of the Red Cross Supplemental Recreational Activities Overseas (SRAO) program, also known as the “Donut Dollies,” who served honorably during the Vietnam conflict.


Last year at this time, I wrote an article entitled “Memorial Day and Donut Dollies - They Wore Dog Tags Too.” This year, I am happy to announce that legislation to award a Congressional Gold Medal to the 627 Dollies who served in Vietnam has been re-introduced by Rep Mickie Sherrill (D-NJ), herself a veteran Navy helicopter pilot. The legislation, Donut Dollies Congressional Gold Medal Act (HR 8978) , reads in part:  

“Women were not subject to the Vietnam-era draft, but thousands volunteered. The first American Red Cross Field Directors were sent to South Vietnam in February 1962. The last Red Cross staff members to serve in-country departed in March 1973. Official records indicate that a total of 1,120 women served with the Red Cross in Vietnam during that 11-year period. Of that number, 627 were young women who were part of the organization’s Supplemental Recreation Activities Overseas (SRAO) program.”

“Military commanders expressed high praise for the Red Cross volunteers, calling the services of the organization “indispensable” and “prime factors” in their efforts to maintain the high morale of their men and to look after their welfare.” 

As mentioned in the title of this article, three Donut Dollies did not return home alive. Although their deaths were not the result of hostile fire, they were volunteers in a hostile environment which likely precipitated their early passing.  As I wrote last year:

"Three Dollies actually died while in country. Hannah E. Crews died in a jeep accident, in Bien Hoa, October 2, 1969. Lucinda  J.  Richter died of Guillain-Barre Syndrome, in Cam Ranh Bay, February 9, 1971. Virginia "Ginny"  Kirsch was murdered by a U.S. soldier in Cu Chi, August 16, 1970."

Other Dollies who served there and returned home have since passed away, as have many the 2.7 million of those who served there in the military, both men and women. The Dollies who survive today are now aging, as are those soldiers they supported. The Dollies spent their lives essentially without recognition for their service in Vietnam. Some even returned for multiple tours. The award of the Congressional Gold Medal is the least our legislators can do to finally give these women the recognition they well deserve. And as I said earlier, “They wore dogtags, too.”

You can help move this legislation along by contacting your representative in Congress. Cite the bill number and name: Donut Dollies Congressional Gold Medal Act (HR 8978). Add a few sentences to indicate the reason you support the Congressional Gold Medal for the Dollies. This web page will help you navigate to the office of your congressional representative: Find Your Representative      

Donut Dollies In Vietnam - Three Did Not Come Home Alive

By Dick ConoboyOn May 22, 2023

They died in Vietnam supporting and entertaining the troops. Memorial Day is for them too. So is a Congressional Gold Medal.

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By Dick ConoboyOn May 14, 2023

The state of Washington has much to gain by the passage of a bill that will provide for $5 trillion to finance infrastructure nationwide.

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By Dick ConoboyOn May 10, 2023

This is not a new phenomenon in our city.

The Long History of Corporate Fraud and Abuse in Medicare

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[The following is reprinted from The Retiree Advocate, monthly newsletter of Puget Sound Advocates for Retirement Action (PSARA). &...

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Restoring Health of Land and Water—Bellingham Style

By David Netboy On Apr 30, 2023

Toxic waste, scrap recycling, jarring noise, and dubious processes on the waterfront: How did this happen?

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City Council Review of Rental Registration and Inspection Ordinance

By Dick ConoboyOn Apr 25, 2023

A review and update of Bellingham’s rental registration and inspection program is long overdue.

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Whatcom Democrats Are Pro-Jail?!

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Moreover, is a new jail of any size necessary?

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How Would Abortion Ban Impact Whatcom County?

By David A. SwansonOn Apr 17, 2023

In 2020, there were 464.29 abortions per 1,000 pregnancies among women aged 15-19 in Whatcom County.

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It Always Comes Back to the Toxic Sludge

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David Netboy contends “business as usual” is no longer acceptable, and here’s why.

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The Other Side of the Scrap Pile

By Doug KarlbergOn Apr 14, 2023

Long-time Port watcher, Doug Karlberg, suggests a different point of view on the waterfront scrap pile.

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Ban All Firearms

By Dick ConoboyOn Apr 10, 2023

Ban them all. Forever. Every single, solitary firearm in the U.S.

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By Guest WriterOn Apr 03, 2023

Including others when developing solutions is a hallmark of leadership. It was not evident at the March 13th City Council meeting regarding new drug use sanctions.

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Port Priorities Subvert Their Own Plan

By David Netboy On Apr 01, 2023

David Netboy writes: So how, exactly, does ABC Scrap Metal “restore the health of the land and water” on our waterfront?

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Wildflowers in Santa Ynez

By Guest WriterOn Mar 15, 2023

Garrett O’Brien guest writes. And just how do we get out of this housing mess?

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Public Banking Bill Fails In Committee

By Dick ConoboyOn Mar 13, 2023

The Senate Committee on Business, Financial Services, Gaming & Trade failed to vote the bill out of committee, but it can be revived in the second year of the biennium.

Growth of Medicare’s ACO Reach Scam Halted

By Dick ConoboyOn Mar 12, 2023

The program appears to be dying of self-inflicted wounds that were long predicted. Supporters stiffened their spines instead, ignoring the obvious blood loss.

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Rise of Medicare Advantage – Creation of a Myth

By Guest WriterOn Mar 06, 2023

Millions of Medicare recipients have already been schnookered into Medicare Advantage. Don’t be a victim. Fight back.

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Call To Action On Medicare (Dis)Advantage!

By Dick ConoboyOn Mar 02, 2023

If we do not speak out NOW on the privatization of Medicare, the system will effectively be eaten alive from within.

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