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Scott Wicklund

Commenter • Member since Aug 20, 2008

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"Although Bellingham has installed water meters in most neighborhoods, the metered rate is only applied to early installs.  Large areas of the City are billed at the flat rate [...]

Aug 02, 2017 on
Most Cost-Effective Way to Save Water for Homes

"This struggle was all about control.  Obama desperate to show corporate moguls and banksters he can kill our dreams for a better life.  “Bernicrats pushed platform to the [...]

Mar 03, 2017 on
Wither Goes the DNC?

"Now will you read Thomas Frank John?  Cognitive dissonance lead to this result.  Abandon your base and you will pay the price.

Nov 09, 2016 on
A Proud Vote for Hillary Clinton

"A Grand Bargain cutting Social Security and Medicare for millions of impoverished seniors.  TPP with it’s corporate entitlements vested in the Investor State Resolution System destroying  [...]

Nov 07, 2016 on
A Proud Vote for Hillary Clinton

"Dick, This is a perfect time to extend the regime to cover ALL dwellings in the City.  I suspect the failure rate to be about the same.  Think [...]

Oct 03, 2016 on
Misleading/Incomplete Report on Rental Inspection Results
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