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Larry Horowitz

Writer • Member since Jan 16, 2008

Articles by Larry Horowitz

Affordable Housing: Mission Impossible?

By Larry HorowitzOn Aug 21, 2017

The Housing / Economy / Quality of Life Trilemma Housing affordability cannot be addressed in a vacuum because affordable housing is only one part of the Housing Trilemma, which consists of affordable [...]

A minority of one: An open letter to my fellow Bellingham residents

By Larry HorowitzOn Aug 19, 2012

It may come as a shock to some, but until April 2005, I had never attended a city- or developer- sponsored meeting, nor had I ever been inside Bellingham’s [...]

False pressures and perceptions: An open letter to the Bellingham City Council

By Larry HorowitzOn Aug 18, 2012

Dear Members of Council: During a recent conversation with a member of City Council, we discussed Bellingham’s obligation to accommodate population growth. As you know, under the GMA, [...]

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Recent comments

"I agree Dick, we could really use Joan’s counsel and critical thinking in dealing with the Housing Trilemma.  One thing that’s certain, Bellingham is not [...]

Aug 24, 2017 on
Affordable Housing: Mission Impossible?

"Michael, regarding Anacortes, they hired Northwest Open Access Network to conduct a survey of its citizens to gauge public interest in a proposed municipal fiber optic internet network.  Perhaps [...]

Aug 23, 2017 on
Publicly Owned Fiber Internet?

"Eric, I just learned from Linda Twitchell in her op-ed in today’s Herald that “The Hirst decision is not about water.  It’s about stopping [...]

Aug 17, 2017 on
Most Cost-Effective Way to Save Water for Homes

"Thank you Stephanie.   Your comment surprised me in a good way.    Jean really impressed me with how quickly she learned about the various issues facing Bellingham [...]

Aug 09, 2017 on
Cascadia News Now: Murphy, Bostrum and Layton

"Thanks for providing this service John.  I had never listened to a Cascadia News Now podcast before. Having listened to all three interviews, I am surprised by the difference [...]

Aug 05, 2017 on
Cascadia News Now: Murphy, Bostrum and Layton
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