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Larry Horowitz

Writer • Member since Jan 16, 2008

Articles by Larry Horowitz

Self-Determination or Self-Defeat?

By Larry HorowitzOn Nov 17, 2017

“Is it ignorance or apathy? Hey, I don’t know and I don’t care.” - Jimmy Buffett, in a moment of joyful clarity after a few margaritas. Hello? Hello?! [...]

Affordable Housing: Mission Impossible?

By Larry HorowitzOn Aug 21, 2017

The Housing / Economy / Quality of Life Trilemma Housing affordability cannot be addressed in a vacuum because affordable housing is only one part of the Housing Trilemma, which consists of affordable [...]

A minority of one: An open letter to my fellow Bellingham residents

By Larry HorowitzOn Aug 19, 2012

It may come as a shock to some, but until April 2005, I had never attended a city- or developer- sponsored meeting, nor had I ever been inside Bellingham’s [...]

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Recent comments

"I am broken hearted this morning because I learned that the Referendum power cannot be used to protect the vitality and character of Bellinhgam’s neighforhoods.  Because of a [...]

Nov 19, 2017 on
Self-Determination or Self-Defeat?

"All seats for BNC’s November 15 public event “Don’t Ballardize Bellingham” have been reserved, and we sincerely appreciate the community’s support. We look forward to welcoming [...]

Nov 14, 2017 on
Don't Ballardize Bellingham

"John, although it’s nearly impossible to know exactly what caused individual voters to reject the jail tax for a second time, there is no doubt that [your] Northwest Citizen [...]

Nov 08, 2017 on
Election Night Notes

"In my email inbox today: LINK  

Oct 21, 2017 on
Vote NO on the New Jail Tax

"Thank you Michael.  I prefer not to enter the climate change debate and would like to focus instead on potential breakthrough energy technologies.  It’s clear that producing [...]

Oct 16, 2017 on
Fossil Fools
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