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John Servais

Writer • Fairhaven, Washington USA • Member since Feb 26, 2008

John started Northwest Citizen in 1995 to inform fellow citizens of serious local political issues that the Bellingham Herald was ignoring. With the help of donors from the beginning, he has improved the site, invited other writers to join him, and enabled commenting with verified real names for informative community dialog. He is proud that NW Citizen is now perhaps the oldest political blog in the world.

Articles by John Servais

KMRE Community Radio Needs Our Help

By John ServaisOn Nov 03, 2017

Readers, I am posting this press release virtually as received because KMRE is doing on local radio what we are trying to do here - inform citizens on issues in [...]

Dan Robbins gets my vote for Port Commissioner

By John ServaisOn Oct 22, 2017

One could quickly see the differences between Port of Bellingham commissioner candidates Dan Robbins and Michael Shepard. On their websites. On Robbins site, at the top of every page, is [...]

What is with the Herald?

By John ServaisOn Aug 09, 2017

Update Sat, Aug 12. I have the date of Honesto’s death wrong. He reportedly died on Sunday, Aug 6. At time of writing I could not find a date and obviously [...]

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Recent comments

"Dick, Thanks for pushing this issue at our city government.  With the election over, this article gets the lead article place.  Within Bellingham, housing may be the [...]

Nov 08, 2017 on
Rental Inspections - Where Are We...Really?

"Thank you for the compliments.  In truth - and this is not just politeness - the credit is to the writers who are posting to this site.  They [...]

Nov 08, 2017 on
Election Night Notes

"Classic, David.  Shoot the messenger.   That is your take.  The words are Donovan’s and he is smearing Glasser.  His words are part of the [...]

Oct 29, 2017 on
Candidate Donovan Melts Down on Facebook

"To answer the questions, as can be seen at the very top of the first screenshot, he wrote these accusations just a week ago on Oct 21 - very much during [...]

Oct 28, 2017 on
Candidate Donovan Melts Down on Facebook

"Elisabeth, My source was off the record.  I asked them today if they could either allow their remarks to go on the record so I could inform you and [...]

Oct 25, 2017 on
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