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Mike Rostron

Commenter • Member since Aug 04, 2011

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"As a past resident of the Sunnyland neighborhood and long-time member of the Sunnyland Neighborhood Association I most heartily concur! Jean is just the sort of councilperson Bellingham needs. [...]

Jul 24, 2017 on
Dick's Pick - Jean Layton for City Council At-large

"More generally, you are correct with your journalism comments, John. No one—whether boss, government, friends, foes, or critics has the right to determine how or what you report. They [...]

Jun 06, 2016 on
Greenways may reverse heron colony buffer purchase this evening


Jan 26, 2015 on
The Pickett House Museum

"Slightly off topic, but germane: Spraying roundup should be a crime. Anyone using the substance, including government supervisors who order it done, should have their equipment confiscated, be forced to [...]

Jan 21, 2015 on
Dead or Alive: How do you like your herring?

"Great article! Trading short-term profits for a few wealthy CEOs and stockholders, and a handful of decent paying jobs for a few workers is hardly worth the extra risk to [...]

Jan 20, 2015 on
Dead or Alive: How do you like your herring?
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