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Eric Hirst

Contributor • Member since Jul 23, 2015

Eric Hirst has a Ph.D. in engineering from Stanford University, spent 30 years as an energy policy analyst at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and retired to Bellingham 14 years ago. He is a local environmental activist.

Articles by Eric Hirst

Water for Whatcom Irrigation

By Eric HirstOn May 02, 2017

Whatcom County farmers use a lot of water every summer to irrigate their pastures and berry fields. But the public never knows just how much water irrigation uses. This means [...]

Myths About Rural Residential Wells

By Eric HirstOn Mar 27, 2017

The Washington Supreme Court issued its decision on rural residential wells in October 2016. Since then, there has been a glut of misinformation about what the court said and how Whatcom [...]

Future Prospects for Whatcom County Water Supply

By Eric HirstOn Feb 11, 2017

Farmers need water for crops and cattle. City-dwellers want water for yards, gardens and kiddie pools. Salmon need streams with enough cold, clear water to enable them to spawn and [...]

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Recent comments

"Linda Twitchell notwithstanding, the WA Supreme Court decision is definitely about water. If you believe all of the following - - We have abundant supplies of water all year long; [...]

Aug 18, 2017 on
Most Cost-Effective Way to Save Water for Homes

"Scott, As of January, all Bellingham water customers now have meters and all will soon pay a volumetric charge. That is, the more water they use, the more they will [...]

Aug 02, 2017 on
Most Cost-Effective Way to Save Water for Homes

"David, I agree with your comment on the nuttiness of the state allowance of 5,000 gallons a day for a rural household well. I think the limit should be reduced to [...]

Aug 01, 2017 on
Most Cost-Effective Way to Save Water for Homes

"Elisabeth, Thanks so much for taking the time and making the effort to carefully investigate these awful accusations against Satpal Sidhu. I am not surprised to find that these claims [...]

May 30, 2017 on
Smear Campaign

"Elisabeth, thanks for a great offer! I like the idea of you contacting Ecology to see if your experience with their water use data is different from mine (see pages 6[...]

May 05, 2017 on
Water for Whatcom Irrigation
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