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Dianne Foster

Commenter • Member since Jul 10, 2015

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"Thanks, Doug!  The only place I disagree is that Ken Bell has integrity - he has a history of dishonest practices in his “recycle” business,  and doesn’[...]

Oct 27, 2017 on
Doug Karlberg Writes Against Robbins

"The inspections are a joke,  and the city is the one with the official inspection department,  and the only ones we as citizens can lobby.   &[...]

Oct 25, 2017 on
Fire on Jersey St. - An Investigation - Part II

"I’d like to make the point that my family was evicted from a rental,  due to the fact that the landlord (who was a millionaire) could make more [...]

Oct 25, 2017 on
The Hansen's Giant Rental Megaplex - Part 2

"Maybe if the students’ parents sued the city for lack of adequate oversight,  things might perk up…..

Oct 25, 2017 on
Fire on Jersey St. - An Investigation - Part II

"Interestingly,  I was checking in delegates at the Dem Whatcom County  convention,  and both Amy and Todd were Bernie delegates.   The difference is - &[...]

Oct 24, 2017 on
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