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Joy Gilfilen

Commenter • Member since May 19, 2015

Joy Gilfilen online:

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"Since the 2015 sales tax attempt failed, it is completely inexcusable that the County has not repaired this current downtown Jail #1 for use with violent people…and used the 2nd Jail [...]

Jun 16, 2017 on
Evidence-Based Jail Planning Processes

"Thank you,  Amy, for standing up, speaking out and shedding light on this boondoggle of a problem.  In my experience, the elected Executive branch isn’t quite [...]

Mar 03, 2017 on
Big New Jail Not the Solution

"For a man we pay $158,823 a year to, I think a $500 fine is laughable. That is just a bit more than a seatbelt ticket to him.  In his letter [...]

Dec 05, 2016 on
PDC Staff Suggests Gentle Wrist Pat for Campaign Violations

"Sam Crawford, please use common sense and check your facts before you make claims that are not true and do not add up logically.  Stop promoting excessive punishment.  [...]

Feb 19, 2016 on
Anchor-chain activists face hefty fines

"Solutions abound in the “Stop Punishing Taxpayers, Start Rebuilding Community” Report to Taxpayers published on August 25, 2015 by the Restorative Community Coalition.  As President of the Coalition and co-author of [...]

Feb 15, 2016 on
Jail Reform: Music to My Ears
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