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Ralph Schwartz

Writer • Member since May 23, 2014

After 13 years in mainstream journalism, Ralph Schwartz left The Bellingham Herald in November 2015 to get more involved in the community. He's now a freelance editor and writer, and works in environmental consulting to not quite make ends meet.

Articles by Ralph Schwartz

Democrat infighting emerges in Bellingham’s at-large race

By Ralph SchwartzOn May 14, 2017

​Democrats are in a major fight in the wake of Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 presidential election. Sure, they are throwing everything they can at the new White House, [...]

100 days: Largest Wash. Trump donor, from Fairhaven, likes what he sees

By Ralph SchwartzOn May 03, 2017

​Not one to shy away from a media cliche, I followed up with Peter Gigante on the occasion of Donald Trump’s 100th day in the White House. OK, so [...]

Women speak in Bellingham on International Women’s Day

By Ralph SchwartzOn Mar 08, 2017

​About 70 people gathered in front of Bellingham City Hall on Wednesday, March 8, to rally for women’s rights under the shadow of the Trump administration. “I’m pissed that it’[...]

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Recent comments

"John, I don’t buy your conclusion that the Herald referred to the stopped train as a “freight train” in order to keep selling ads to fossil-fuel interests. I can [...]

Aug 29, 2016 on
Coal Trains Blocked by Local Protesters

"Bravo to John Servais for not being afraid to express his independent thoughts, despite the inevitable blowback from his political cohorts. Too much groupthink in Whatcom politics.

Nov 01, 2015 on
More on Propositions 1 and 9

"A note to John and NWCitizen members: the Politics Blog at The Bellingham Herald will be shut down tomorrow—Thursday, Aug. 6. I am not authorized to talk about company decisions ([...]

Aug 05, 2015 on
Election Results - Aug 4 Primary
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