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Luba Pekisheva

Contributors • Kendall • Member since Jul 19, 2013

Luba is a County resident. Among other things, she draws from several years of experiencing, and standing up to, abuses and absurdities found in the judicial branch of government.

Subpoena of Ericksen’s police communications allowed by judge

By Luba PekishevaOn Apr 11, 2017

On April 6, 2017, District Court Judge David Grant permitted Attorney Larry Hildes to subpoena records of Doug Ericksen’s contacts with the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office, Washington State Patrol and [...]

Recent comments

"Thank you for shining a light on the danger of EMR towers, this insane project is a real outrage. As nervous as leaving these decisions at the mercy of fallible [...]

Jul 15, 2015 on
Electromagnetic Radiation: Who's Looking Out for You?

"Bob, what the young man’s name, so I can research his case when I can? The County does learn, but not enough to stop their dirty business-as-usual. Only a [...]

Jul 09, 2015 on
County prosecutor plays cruel games

"Amen, brother. Another important point, I continue to see overlooked, is that how can we be sure that only criminals, be they violent or not, are, and will be kept [...]

Jun 28, 2015 on
Proposed New County Lockup - Financial Analysis

"First up, thank you all for your support and concern/ condolences, but there hasn’t been an outcome (at the soonest, that would come after the Court of Appeals decides [...]

Jun 28, 2015 on
County prosecutor plays cruel games

"My frustrations with past shoo-in “elected” officials aside, this time there is only one judge running, unopposed, and I don’t know enough about her work in Superior Ct thus [...]

May 17, 2015 on
85 County Single Candidate Elections
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