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Stan Snapp

Commenter • Member since Feb 10, 2011

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"Many of us remember Mr. Bell when he promoted the phony equipment that he claimed could recycle county garbage. He spread contaminents over a huge area and when he was [...]

Aug 27, 2017 on
Conservative Whatcom candidates distance themselves from GOP

"Balance is good, especially with a process orientated advisory board.

Mar 22, 2017 on
City Planning Commission Transformed

"John, Please correct “Tom” Grinstad’s name in the abover article.  I’m sure it was just a typo but we all hate to have our names wrong in [...]

Mar 22, 2017 on
City Planning Commission Transformed

"Wendy and Marian certainly have this right. I worked for six years on city council trying to get an actual Restoration Plan from staff and the administration for council approval. [...]

Mar 18, 2014 on
Propaganda Replaces Public Information: An Analysis of the Lake Whatcom TDML Process

"Hue, in fairness though. The last tree cutting fiasco was under a different mayor and a different public works director. As I recall, it had no vetting at all. Hopefully, [...]

Apr 23, 2012 on
Earth Day Alert: Rocket Donuts to throw Fairhaven trees in the Deepfry
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