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Elisabeth Britt

Writers • Member since Mar 23, 2009

Before becoming a citizen journalist, Elisabeth Britt worked in Olympia as a legislative aide. Locally, she served on the WRIA 1 Planning Unit, the Coordinated Water System Plan and as a state team member for the Federal Lummi Nation Water Rights Negotiations.

In other roles, Britt served as chair of the Public Safety Committee for WDOT Whitewater Amphitheater Blue Ribbon Traffic Safety Commission and sat on the WA State Department of Ecology Citizen’s Advisory Committee.

Articles by Elisabeth Britt

A Water Shortage Problem, NOT a Water Shortage

By Elisabeth BrittOn Dec 19, 2016

On December 6, the Whatcom County Council voted 5 to 2 (Brenner and Mann voted no) to lift the temporary moratorium that was passed on November 9, 2016. The new interim ordinance that replaces it [...]

Water Well Drilling Moratorium is Bad Idea

By Elisabeth BrittOn Nov 25, 2016

In October, the Washington Supreme Court entered a decision in Whatcom County v. Hirst, (Hirst) a Growth Management Act (GMA) case. In the opinion, the court states that counties have [...]

County Rural Residents Can Check On Water

By Elisabeth BrittOn Dec 03, 2016

The Department of Ecology has posted an interactive map to assist Whatcom County with determining legally available domestic water availability. The map displays areas where instream flows are not being [...]

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Recent comments

"Hi Eric, I sent you the links I have to various studies that demonstrated that a number of county residents depend on backyard gardens and stock to feed their [...]

Dec 20, 2016 on
A Water Shortage Problem, NOT a Water Shortage

"Indeed. The culture of rural living appears to be on the chopping  block. Thanks for sharing your perspective with us.

Dec 07, 2016 on
In Praise of Countrymen - Pas de Pays sans Paysans

"It’s working now.  Scroll down to the Whatcom County button to open interactive map.  DOE also has a box you must check, agreeing to it’s terms [...]

Dec 05, 2016 on
County Rural Residents Can Check On Water

"Here’s the flaw in Mr. Hirst’s assertion that the initial moratorium and the proposed temporary ordinance are “just temporary.”  While we have made [...]

Dec 04, 2016 on
Interim Ordinance on Rural Water Wells is Essential

"Hi John, I sent you an email that contains information about B.P.‘s current local LPG production. It appears that they have been producing around 500,000 gallons per day and [...]

Apr 18, 2016 on
OregonLNG quits: Cherry Point may be new target
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