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How Long Does it Take to Install a Basketball Hoop?

By David CampOn Mar 28, 2017
• In Bellingham,

It seems I jumped the gun celebrating the installation of a replacement basketball hoop in Harriet Spanel Park. The hoop was taken out by a medically-impaired driver on July 19th 2016 - and the City began installing a replacement on February 21, 2017. Since then the park has been renamed Harriet Spanel Park with much deserved fanfare but as of March 27th, fully five weeks after they started the job, the hoop and backboard have still not been installed on the bare pole. What’s the holdup?

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David Camp is a cpa who toiled thirty years in the corporate salt mines, counting beans and telling stories to the auditors and whatnot. Now he spends his time growing [...]

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