Season’s Greetings

By John ServaisOn Dec 24, 2002

Season's Greetings to all. Christian, Muslim, Jewish, other or non-believer. For thousands of years this is the very time of year when people have hoped anew for a good new year to come. A rebirth of all we value and believe in. A renewed love of other humans and our sharing of a common future with others. All the best to everyone.

A few words for this time in our lives.

This winter we have war to fear. It appears inevitable. Our country's leaders are determined to squash a country exactly on the opposite side of the world from ourselves. We embark on our own eventual self-destruction by bullying the rest of the world. As individuals we feel helpless as raising our voices in objection brings down screams of treason upon our heads. Our leaders lash out at imagined enemies with blind fear and barely hidden greed. We are a country in turmoil - and it is getting worse every day.

We Americans mean well. But our leaders are sometimes bent on other ends, such as conquest and domination. Our media does not inform us honestly and fully of what other countries are doing. We are like Germans in 1930s Germany - we cannot understand why the rest of the world doesn't like us. It is because we don't know what is truly happening. In the end, we and our children will bear the result of our country's reckless adventures abroad.

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Dick Conoboy

Jan 30, 2014

Congrats Wendy.  Well deserved.


Marian Beddill

Jan 30, 2014

Wendy wrote:  “I didn’t know what a watershed was when I started,”

Well, I can pretty well confirm that. I was in the room at the home of a friend, where a group who cared about and worked on the Lake Whatcom watershed, gathered. We told her what this was about - both technically and legally.

Wendy grabbed the thing, and started running with it. Thank you, Wendy!

Marian Beddill


John Lesow

Feb 08, 2014

February 7, 2014

What a wonderful evening—Thanks to John, Tip, Tim, George, Deb, Claire and the host of others that made it such a memorable occasion. 

Wendy, your speech was as persuasive and articulate as your fearless writing.  Your point about always questioning the status quo really hit home. The fact that you do it so effectively and consistently—both in your writing and public advocacy of causes you believe in—is truly inspirational !