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Lummi Nation

The state of citizen journalism is strong: Two receive deArmond awards

By Ralph SchwartzOn Mar 11, 2016

The third annual Paul deArmond Citizen Journalism award dinner on Feb. 12 in Bellingham was bigger than ever—a bigger venue, more guests, a higher bar tab and, most notably, not [...]

Whatcom Co.: 90 Million Gallons of Water a Day

By Eric HirstOn Jul 22, 2015

Guest writer Eric Hirst is retired to Bellingham and enjoys using his professional abilities to benefit our community. He has a doctorate from Stanford and spent his professional career doing [...]

Killer Industrial Jobs or Long-term Job Killers?

By Terry WechslerOn Apr 06, 2014

Carl Weimer recently posted a comment on facebook comparing the Comp Plan revision process (intended to keep us in compliance with the Growth Management Act) to watching paint dry. Sam [...]

Craig Cole Threatens Libel Suit

By John ServaisOn Feb 19, 2014

Craig Cole, the local face for plans to build the Gateway Pacific Terminal coal port at Cherry Point, sent a letter on February 5 to the Whatcom Watch threatening a libel [...]

Treaty Rights and Public Rights Ignored In Overwater Walkway

By Wendy HarrisOn Oct 08, 2013

I found Council Member Lehman's questions regarding the overwater walkway, during yesterday's COB city council waterfront work session, particularly interesting. The adminstrative staff’s responses reflect a [...]

Lummi Nation Opposes Coal Terminal

By John ServaisOn Sep 21, 2012

Photos added - 9 pm - Tip Johnson has posted photos he took today and has added captions. Updated - 1:30 pm - from texts from Tip Johnson who is attending. Lummi [...]

Hobgoblins as ballots are sent out

By John ServaisOn Oct 24, 2011

With ballots arriving at citizens' homes today, I have a few fun things to toss out for the digestion of the political junkies who check this site. As I haven'[...]

Statutory Purgatory: A failure of Government

By Tip JohnsonOn Nov 26, 2010

Since this issue surfaced, the Lummi Island ferry issue has been a discouraging example of governmental failure. The Lummi Nation and Whatcom County governments failed to cross their “T&[...]

Lummi Ferry Petition is Linked

By John ServaisOn Sep 01, 2010

We've added a new link in the right column. www.skookum.us Tip Johnson has posted a downloadable PDF file of a petition asking the federal government to reaffirm [...]

Respect and Services for county residents

By John ServaisOn Feb 08, 2010

Every part of Whatcom County deserves basic services. Every hamlet and home - and island - deserves our respect and support. Lummi Nation deserves our respect and we must pay [...]

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