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USA & Beyond

There Is A Way Out - Maybe

By Dick ConoboyOn Nov 23, 2016

In the 1944 play “Huis Clos” (No Exit) by Jean-Paul Sartre, two women and a man find themselves in hell, a room with no exit. One of the women is attracted [...]

Depressed and Horrified By Hillary’s Demise? Canada Has Made it Easier For Americans to Immigrate!

By David CampOn Nov 22, 2016

Canadians are generally bemused and mystified by the reality show that U.S. Presidential politics has become. (I guess so are a lot of Americans - ed.). After all, in [...]

County Council Rep Ken Mann Has a Hangover

By Elisabeth BrittOn Nov 19, 2016

Whatcom County Councilmember Ken Mann has an election hangover. What’s an election hangover, you may ask? It’s a political term that is often used to describe a sitting [...]

A Brief Primer on Neoliberalsim

By Dick ConoboyOn Nov 16, 2016

The name Friederich* Hayek is not a household name, bandied about during dinner conversation, but it ought to be for we are seeing with the present election the very manifestation [...]

A Millennial Response to Deja Vu Article

By Guest writerOn Nov 12, 2016

It scares me to think of the president of the United States turning this country into a police state. The idea of the ‘strong man, taking charge, making the correct [...]

1924 and 1933 - and Deja Vu in 2016

By John ServaisOn Nov 09, 2016

A dire prediction of the Trump presidency, one that hopefully will not come true. But if he does as he promised, as history suggests, then he may repeat history. They [...]

Of Platters and Asses

By Dick ConoboyOn Nov 09, 2016

A friend writes to me this morning: “As usual, the very good writer Thomas Frank has something to say, & what he says is correct … but the Nile, Ganges, Mississippi &[...]

A Proud Vote for Hillary Clinton

By John ServaisOn Nov 07, 2016

I am pleased and proud to have had the opportunity to vote for Hillary Clinton for president of the United States. While I had hopes for Bernie Sanders because he [...]

Millennial vs Millennial - Presidential Vote

By John ServaisOn Nov 03, 2016

Recently I received a challenge from a millennial to my preference for Hillary Clinton for president. Instead of answering myself - I’m over 70 - I tossed it to another [...]

The Rich Get Richer or How Imperial Globalization Serves the Elites at the Expense of the American Workers

By David CampOn Oct 29, 2016

A little remarked-upon factor of the troubles in Ferguson, MO, is that Emerson Electric was the main employer in that town from the 1890’s until the globalization binge of the [...]

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