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Student Loan Default Rates at Historic High

By David CampOn Apr 10, 2017

The Financial Times has an excellent article about student debt (it is behind a pay wall - for those of you like me who don’t subscribe here is an [...]

What did Ericksen know? Trump protesters facing trial seek subpoena

By Ralph SchwartzOn Apr 04, 2017

The “Whatcom Three,” who last May blocked Guide Meridian Road in Lynden on the day President Donald Trump made a campaign appearance there, want to know whether Republican state Senator [...]

Now is time for single-payer health insurance

By John ServaisOn Mar 29, 2017

With the collapse of the Republican plan for national health care, and after eight years of Republicans castigating Obamacare, now - this week - is the perfect time to push [...]

Obama DOJ Failed to Prosecute Financial Fraudsters Responsible for 2008 Crash

By David CampOn Mar 28, 2017

The great 2008 Financial Crisis was a catastrophe for many Americans and for ten of millions worldwide. Americans alone lost an estimated $4.2 trillion in home equity; fully 8.7 million Americans lost their [...]

Tax-time Issues - ACA Reporting on Your 2016 Tax Return

By David CampOn Mar 21, 2017

President Trump has signed an Executive Order which, in anticipation of the repeal of the ACA (and replacement with a great plan for which we are still waiting as the [...]

Women speak in Bellingham on International Women’s Day

By Ralph SchwartzOn Mar 08, 2017

​About 70 people gathered in front of Bellingham City Hall on Wednesday, March 8, to rally for women’s rights under the shadow of the Trump administration. “I’m pissed that it’[...]

The Losing Presidential Candidate Ignored Policy for Trash-talking

By David CampOn Mar 08, 2017

This really was the reality teevee election - trashy, substance-less, full of personal attacks and invective - truly a repulsive display. It is interesting to note that the primary culprit [...]

Public Banks Are the Answer

By Dick ConoboyOn Feb 27, 2017

The Case for Public Banking Public banks are an effective way to use public funds for the good of communities, much like public utilities, instead of for the profit of [...]

Peak Oil? A Chaotic Transition is in Process

By David CampOn Feb 21, 2017

As the graphic shows, US gasoline inventories are at a 27-year record high. And yet, gas prices and oil prices continue to rise - having increased by about 30-40% (depending [...]

On Identity Politics

By David CampOn Feb 14, 2017

Human identity is a complex thing - we self-identify in our social interactions and institutions on various scales and using different badges of identity. At the most basic, we self-identify [...]

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