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Law & Justice

Our security agencies had to work at being stupid

By Northwest CitizenOn May 14, 2006

Al Gore on Saturday Night Live last night was great - funny - and also had a very real message. The last six years did not have to be one [...]

The head of the CIA should be a civilian

By Northwest CitizenOn May 08, 2006

A gauntlet has been thrown down on the floor by GW Bush. By nominating General Hayden to head up the CIA, Bush is daring good citizens, the responsible media and [...]

She said “No” to VP Dick Cheney

By Northwest CitizenOn Feb 10, 2006

- and now she may go to jail for it. So much for free speech in America. The careful process of shutting up Americans. The Eugene, Oregon, Weekly has the story.[...]

Has the ACLU sold out?

By Northwest CitizenOn Nov 29, 2005

From an AP article today:“Deputy Police Chief Frank Fernandez said officers might, for example, surround a bank building, check the IDs of everyone going in and out and hand [...]

Shame on Brazil

By Northwest CitizenOn Feb 13, 2005

The government will arrest some poor guys and execute them for the murder of Sister Stang. The government will say they are shocked, just shocked. But the government of Brazil [...]

We think a little torture will protect us

By Northwest CitizenOn Dec 05, 2004

To be concise, if we start to rationalize torture then we are lost. It is the absolute opposite direction of democracy. It is the basic tool of the tyrant - [...]

Below is a response from John Poirier

By Northwest CitizenOn Nov 30, 2004

to my post of Nov 6. He sees things differently, and I think he is right. I received several emails on that post, but this is the one that explains things [...]

Shame on Israel

By Northwest CitizenOn Nov 11, 2004

Today they again arrested Mordechai Vanunu. We expect the worst for him. This courageous Jew has dared to speak out against Israel’s madness. This in a country that says [...]

One can be for gay rights and not be for gay marriage

By Northwest CitizenOn Nov 06, 2004

The Democratic Party continues to be unable to understand people and what motivates them. The party - and party members - have pushed extreme gay rights issues up the noses [...]

We have a new reality

By Northwest CitizenOn Nov 03, 2004

Well, Americans like the Bush vision and values. He is elected by a majority of the people and electors. And he has a Senate and House of Representatives that are [...]

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